BRUCE Banner auto..1st time. Today these pics are 79 days out of ground

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Wondering what yall think on how far till harvest. 79 days out of ground. Using FF SOIL & FF NUTS. 2 SPIDER FARMER 1000 watt LED’S. Indoor 4x4 grow tent. 1st time I’ve ever had all 3 planted with all 3 different sizes. When or how should i continue to water with Nuts or is flushing look to be needed real soon. I appreciate all the advise that yall have here. Thx

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Should i probably just use water only and no nuts.?
Should i flush now or is it to late?
Last question…is it best 2 leave them in the dark for a couple days before harvest. I’ve read some ppl do. Thx for all the help.

Looking really good man

Thx Big Bud. Do u also think about 1 more week? If so should I stop nutrients and flush asap? What are ur feelings on leaving in the dark the last 2 days? I have read some ppl do that. Thx again for all ur help

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How do your trichs look? And if your using fox farm nutes they recommend flushing (sledgehammer is there flushing agent) in two different stages of your grow. If your only two weeks from harvest a lot of growers water only.
And as far as the total darkness for 24,48. Or 72 hrs does help imho :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


Thx everyone for the info. I do have Flawless Finish but not FF sledgehammer. All of my questions were addressed and I appreciate it.

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Oh the Trichs imo could go a lil too. Partially cloudy

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