Bruce auto at19 weeks. Pistols all brown. Trichromes still clear

Bruce Banner auto now 19 weeks in. Still clear. Been flushing for a while now. Keep flushing?

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Pics of trichomes by chance?


Or of the plant in question?


A whole plant pic and trich pic would help a lot. 19 weeks is pretty long. Maybe try A 12/12 light schedule to hurry her along

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Is it foxtailing?

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If possible please provide a pic of the plant. visuals are good.

As soon as I can figure out how to post photos I’ll do it. Killing me. Pulling off a fair amount of yellow and brown leaves. Still checking daily.

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Finally got photos loaded on the PC. Phone was not being kind. Still a lot of hunting and pecking. But here we are. OK 19 weeks in. Set lights to 12/12 to see if that spurs things on. getting very close.

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A few more pics.


Holy cow bro! That girl is thicc! :heart_eyes: She’s taking her damn sweet time but she is definitely putting on the weight.

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I had 2 bb#3 that took way long. It was my first grow one was a feminized fast took 15 wks and the other just feminized and took 17 wks had some heat stress but fire smoke bro.:call_me_hand::fire::fire:
She is fat you have some nice medicine coming your way

20 weeks tomorrow. Still waiting for it.

20 weeks today for this Bruce auto


@Tophat @420noob
21 weeks tomorrow. Been flushing for a month. Any ideas? Still looks good.

@Tophat, @420nnnob
The Bruce is all golden colored on the surface. Still green underneath. Still mostly clear. Tuesday was 25 weeks. I started the flush when I started seeing a bit of amber. Ha ha. Plant was just fooling me. Gave some nutrients this week. WTF is going on. And it still looks about the same. The GG is at 18 weeks now and will finish first. Still an awful lot of clear tricomes. Getting fat. I’m at a loss, but everything still looks good. This is my second grow.

These are both autos.



This is the GG


I would have chopped it by now. 24 weeks is half a year