Bruce banner #3 close to harvest?

So I have a couple of bb#3 I believe I close to harvest. There is a lot of foxtailing do to me having to light to close/bright. So lots of white pistils in taller buds but the rest look good. So here are some of my standard crap pics. Lol cheap phone and Shakey hands.


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A couple more pics just in case


Looks to me like you have some foxtailing. You might want to back your light off some either in intensity or in on time (2 hours outta do it) and cut out most of the nitrogen in your feed this shoukd stop the foxtailing.

As for done ness, really need a trichome shot to tell you for sure. If I had to guess on info provided you have a week, or two left to go. Really depends on the buzz your after and the state of your trichomes. If you have a jewlers loop be sure to look down 1/3 of the way down the plant and down the bud you are examining.

Looks frosty though growmie, could ski down them buds!

In looking and magnifying the pictures 2 &3 in the first set I do not see a lot of cloudy or any amber on the sugar leaves. This tells me more time is needed. I would be looking for more milky trichomes.

Thanks I already took care of the light issue when I harvested my first plant(should have put on a bucket to raise oh well) I moved the light and turn down to 90%. I figured about another week or so I just have a hard time taking pics or using loupe with Shakey hands