Finishing Bruce Banner Auto

I’m looking for 15-20% Amber Trichomes as my green light indicator of harvest time as many of the grow journals, books and blogs say is ideal. I’m asking about specifically my Bruce Banner Autoflower by ILGM. This plant was going to be harvested right now because all of my upper colas and large buds on the outside of the plant have the right percentage ratio of Milky Amber trichomes. The lower half of the plant and most inner nuggets are not showing the same level of maturity as the Nuggets I was using as my indication for Harvest. Can I harvest just the upper colas and then in a few days harvest the lower ones? I guess really I’m wondering if I can cut off these upper nugs and whatever I find now that has my ratio of Amber and then wait without hurting the quality of what I’m harvesting because this is going to be great but as long as I do that’s right. Photographs below are Bruce Banner Auto by ilgm today is day 86 from seed.

So it looks like you might have some minor foxtailing. That is where she stacks on new calyxes on top of the old ones making it hard to look at trichomes on the older calyxes. There are so many white pistils still even though you look only at trichomes on the buds themselves… not the sugar leaves as those trichomes will turn quicker

Many people selectively harvest with no problems.

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Okay that makes sense. I guess im really just trying to get some other growers’ opinions whether Its worth select or partially harvesting because I dont want to stress her any more than i need to especially this close to the end…so far I’ve managed to get her this big and keep her healthy and comfortable enough that she hasnt gone into herm. Unfortunately my last harvest was 3 qeeks ago- Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Auto by ILGM and shes beautiful and great quality, but she hermed in her last few weeks from stress so now almost every nug has like 5-10 seeds and ill do most anything to avoid that happening again.

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@Covertgrower @Myfriendis410?

Looks there’s still some time left. Plants make their own schedule. You can chop all at once, or partial, up to you.

I always do a staged harvest (usually about a week apart) to allow the lower flowers to catch up in terms of trich maturity.

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