Brown spots during flowering (ILGM Wedding Cake Auto) - please help!

Hi all,

First timer getting close to harvest and noticing some scary spots (mostly on sugar leaves) on one of my 2 plants. Buds still look healthy. Please provide any guidance on if I should harvest now to prevent further damage or ride it out (no amber trichomes yet; ~50/50 clear / milky). Much appreciated. Thanks in advance!.

-ILGM Wedding Cake Auto
-Beginning of week 11
-Method: Organic live soil + small dose of tiger bloom every other watering for last 4 weeks
-Vessels: 5g fabric
-Indoor 2x2
-Light system: LED 600W
-Current Light Schedule: 18/6
-Temps; 73/69
-Humidity; ~45%
-Ventilation system; Yes + De-humidifier
-Co2; No


Deficiency but at this late stage I expect it to start showing up on my plants, especially in the final 2 week stretch. I just took some bud shots this morning and have similar sugar leaves.

You’ve got some gorgeous ladies, I wouldn’t stress the sugar leaves too bad unless you think you’ve got another 2+ weeks based on the kind of trichome maturity you’d like. :v:


thanks so much - this def helps ease my concern.


Your good :+1: The fan leaves have nutrient stores, the plant will start using during flowering ….I think they are good :+1: peace and love… The leaf curl makes me think too much nitrogen I would cut back on the nutrients my friend…. A lot of times you can cause lockout by overwhelming the plant with nutrients and not pHing the water correctly.

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