Brown powdery mildew?

My only baby Bruce Banner has something that looks like “wpm” on bottom side of its leaves, but it’s not white, it’s exactly the color brown as great white mycorrhizae if that helps. I’m not the best photographer or articulater :man_facepalming: sry if a duplicated any pictures.

I did transplant 5 days ago and used some great white. But I’m pretty sure that’s not it on the leafs.

Another gorilla glue also has small bits of it under its leafs and both have some leaf damage.
So far I see no signs of it on the others in same tent. Although if it is mold or fungi I know I will if I don’t do something fast.

Everything was repoted 5 days ago, the 3 in 3gl pots are doing great, the 2 in the 5gl bags both have whatever this is going on.

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It’s not wpm… it honestly looks like dust or dried up nutrients… if it was on my plants I’d feel its consistency. Will probably tell you all you need to know. Don’t be afraid to touch your plants. I feel my leaves everyday. Tells you a lot.


Oh I definitely have no problem touching them. Maybe I should take more pictures of the actual stuff :man_facepalming: I took a bunch of pictures that don’t really show it, my bad :upside_down_face:

It’s in patches that are very circular or symmetrical like.
If it is something that spread with spores I don’t want to touch it any more then I have to as to not spread it. Here is some more pictures. The paper and sticks is my attempt to produce a good pictures holding leaf still and the paper behind it helps my phone focus…
But heres some more pictures of just the bottom sides where the stuff is. And I just found the same stuff on the grow bag handle so hopefully it’s the GW …

I swear it looks like the great white and I did add it heavy when I transplanted them. Adding it to the roots while the plant was upside down so it is very logical it’s the great white… but the pattern is that of wpm or something “alive” …

Hopefully I’m just freaking out, this was the only Bruce j got to pop so I’m jumpy I guess.

Something is definitely going on with the leaf damage though on only the 2 with it on them :thinking:

Little more info.

No nutes added, planted 5 days ago in a mostly FFOF mixed with a little FFHF and about 25% perlite.
Only the great white mycorrhizae added. So far no CM or nutes at all given, only PH water at 6.5-6.8. 4x6 tent running HLG ROI-e720 currently at 50% about 40in above plants (should give me roughly about 400 par at plant level if my calculations are correct).
Temp stays between 74-78 never over 82. RH 41%-60% most time RH sets at 55% if I don’t forget to add water to my defuser before I go to work.

Looks like splashed up dirt and nutrients from watering to me.


Dried up nutrients on leaves implies from splash. Guess I should of explained that better. So that’s now two for splash.

It doesn’t look colony growth to me. Are the circles getting bigger?


It’s is very possible, if not very likely that it is mycorrhizae and I just panicked :man_facepalming:.
I saw the damage on the GG and went in for a closer look and found that the BB also had some leaf damage. All the others in this tent seemed fine. Then I start feeling and flipping leafs over to find the spots only on the 2 plants that have the leaf damage. I assumed that the spots and damage where related :man_shrugging:
My first instinct was wpm as I just dealt with it in a closet beside the tent a few months ago. But it’s clearly not white and looks just like the only thing I have added to the grow so far. That being the mycorrhizae.

I do still need to figure out what’s up with the damaged leafs :thinking:


The leaves could be damaged from touching the soil. Or watering with the lights on burning the leaves


I just noticed and immediately posted so I don’t know if they are growing in size. It is more then likely the mycorrhizae.
The necrosis of the leafs is really my concern at this point I believe… I will of course keep a close eye on the bottom of them for a while.

Welcome ! I agree with the community I see no white powder mildew. Keep up the good work overall plants look good. :v::+1:

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Heat damage is exactly what I thought after Igot past the spots, but heat has not been an issue in the tent. I did water yesterday with lights on. So it would make sense and explain both my concerns.

“I transplanted, adding mycorrhizae to the upside down plant dusting the bottom of the leafs in the process. I then watered a couple times and this caused the dust to collect in round shapes from splashing, burning the leafs at the same time from water droplets magnifying the light”

I guess I’ll wash the leafs and simply set back and wait, as well as change my watering technique a little bit :man_facepalming:


Amen I shake the morning dew off my plants to try and help prevent burn and mildew and knock any of them pesky slug :snail: bastards off my girls.