Autoflower Autobomb and Gorilla glue issue!

Hi all, came back home from work today and bang my leaves are turn in to this? What could be the cause? Ph 6.3 nutes are at 3:1:1 Autobomb and Gorilla glue about 5 weeks old(the weather is shit in UK) !

I’m just a rookie but I think I’m seeing some wpm- white powdery mildew-

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No its not, its just a spray from a aphnides made out off soap and garlic :grinning::ok_hand: But what nuttes its short as you get a burned tips and Brown spots on leaves, i think it neeeads a cal+mag

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I think you should bring them indoors rain water is no good for plants depending what’s around you my girls only get spring water I sprayed them every half an hour to 45 minutes for the mystics and I don’t get any of that crap. Throw some worms in the pots