Brown knuckles coming from stem at stalk

Question here. Have 2 plants showing signs of browning on branch knuckles coming from stalk. Is it a problem or normal?


That’s normal

Are the spots where you previously plucked off leaves?

Looks normal to me. If that plant is outdoors, i would clear some of the other weeds growing around it our before they interfere with your plants roots system development though

That’s my clover cover crop

Looks like bracts just dying off which is fine my outdoor plants do that too

I also don’t believe that adding a pant into your grow does anything other than leech nutes the plant needs …just my opinion as I’ve tried this and found it better to plant things beneficial insects are attracted to in containers close by your grow rather than right in its very same medium

Clover attracts all manner of moth and butterflies and weevils
Which their larve dine on your main plant

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Indoor tent grow. Fox farm ocean. I let soil sit in the back of my truck bed for couple weeks in 100 degrees. Seems to kill everything.
My clover is living mulch. Working great.


Have to mow it every once in a while

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I would maybe try this indoors myself …but I think outdoors is a mistake trying to use as mulch yet ringing the dinner bell for unwanted guests lol
I’ve never grown indoors so idk …but it looks like it’s working for you !!

Love your truck bed soil idea too

Trying outdoors is definitely a mistake. Yes, I learned from everyone’s reviews on fox farm ocean soil. Common sense says open the bag and check it out before growing. Kill whatever would be inside.
Just advice here, build-a-soil is the shit. I use there clover crop, nutrient craft blend mix. There top dress soil kit is the shit, even comes with live red wiggler worms.
If you don’t wanna worry about pests indoors buy there take-n-bake soil kit. Makes 70 gallons of soil.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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