Any tips for this plant?

Hi, a fellow grower would love some extra feedback on these plants if you have some! Compliments are welcome as well of course :wink:


Looks great to me, But I’m kinda a noob

Ya I would agree, they look very good
Claire…look’s real good


@garrigan62, I don’t know if you’ve figured it out yet, but Claire works in the Netherlands for ILGM, when she posts “question from fellow grower” it is just that, not from her, it is a question that was e-mailed to one of their e-mails and so she forwards it here so we can see it and maybe help answer it. Thanks for your input and help, I just wanted you to have a clearer idea of what was going on.

Looks good to me as well, mostly. A few spots on the leaves, but as so much of the rest of the growth looks very healthy I don’t think I’d be too worried, I would keep an eye on things that might contribute to nutrient deficiencies, if that is what those spots on the leaves are from.

You now I kinda thought she did but I wasn’t really sure… lol thank you Stoner for telling me. I hope she don’t
think iem a strange nut case…lol
Please let her know that I understand what she is doing or up to.


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I don’t think she thinks anything of the sort, everybody seems to make that mistake when they are kind of new here.

Ya, iem sure they do. Well any way thanks.


The question is: Is “Claire”, a Guy, or a Gal? jUst kidding.

Fellow Grower; I agree with all above. I would warn you to watch out for insects, and crawling pests. If you want to be proactive; Buy a snall bag of Food Grade CODEX Diamtomaceous Earth “DE” Make sure you get the food additive; And NOT the pool filter material

Looks nice, small and bushy. :+1: