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My fellow Gromies,
Brothers and Sisters

Recently inspiration told me to create a thread, where people could share whatever they feel is necessary, no limits on topic subject. The aim is to spill your guts and talk with other people who may be dealing with similar issues…

Mental Illness, addiction, anxiety disorders, depression, intellectual disability, PTSD
If something is troubling you, this is the place to share it :v:

A friend gave these to me, now I will share them with you all :green_heart:

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I’m on board my freind :+1: :v:


Me too🇦🇺
Great idea @Enlightened420
Hopefully people will jump aboard and share and hopefully help someone or ourselves :pray::australia:


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Great idea buddy, gotta air it out sometimes. As odd is it sounds sometimes it’s easier to unload all your worries, stress, and other issues on those we aren’t close to in our everyday life as to not hurt them with our problems. I love this and will be an open ear and eyes for everyone of you! You guys are family and I dont mind unloading on you :slight_smile: and hope you all feel the same love reciprocated.


This is Brian, he has battled
bi-polar for most of his adult life.
Brian has held many jobs such as,
qualified lawyer, mental health peer support, youth liason officer etc.
Brian has also been homeless 3 times and during his last Bipolar episode, he found himself in Tasmania with no money, no home, he didn’t even have shoes. He had been wandering for long days, searching for he doesn’t even know what. His feet had hundreds of cuts and oozing sores from walking countless miles bare foot.
A lady found him and fed and clothed him, she showed him so much unconditional love, that he was immediately stricken with a NEED to follow this ladies kind generosity.

My name is Enlightened, I have battled depression, PTSD and anxiety most of my life.
During my journey I have learned many things, I used to be my harshest critic, every mistake I made, I would berate myself, calling myself stupid, useless, waste of space. Once I had my awakening,
I realised we need to love ourselves and forgive our perceived shortcomings and be understanding toward others…

Please help me, help others by sharing our struggles and battles.
What we have already endured, may help others with their own war.


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What a very good thread! Ty my dear enlightened one! Whenever a person is having issues/challenges, it is a wise coping strategy to talk to someone u trust. Whether it is a friend irl, or a friend here-- doesnt matter. If u can share ur feelings it will be a much healthier choice than isolating urself.
Well thats my 2c.
No man is an island. In this era of Covid and lock downs, find other ways ( like this forum, facetime, etc) to reach out and connect with others.
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So true brother!! Hope you are well this fine morning;)


I’m cruisin along
singin a song my friend.
Thank you for being the
beautiful spirits that you and
@hoppiebunny are :green_heart: :v:


If you can take the path that leads you to peace and fulfillment

And not darkness and despair.
Good thoughts to all


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Thank you for the tag @Enlightened420 Good morning my friends! Well 6 am for me and will be back on after my coffee lol Peace to all and hope everyone is doing Great!


Set to watching!

This community, with all it’s positive energy, has really helped me keep my shit together. Thank you!

I’m not always chatty but normally lurking around and always willing to listen and help where I can.


@Enlightened420 thanks for the tag!
I suffered from depression for many years. I was quite stubborn in my denial of it though, and I survived for many years without treatment.
Looking on the outside in, you would never have realised. I kept it all well hidden. I had a professional job, a house, paid my bills, honoured my promises.
I finally got the treatment I needed and it transformed my life! Not just with medication (which I am now reducing) but it lead me to a path of meditation and applying mindfulness principles into my life. Now its like I am trying to make up for lost time! In addition to work (I’m now part time, thankfully), I have a load of hobbies. Organic gardening is just the latest one in a long list.
Here Is one. I make miniature plants from paper and wire. This diorama took 6 months, but I was working slowly with no hurry for a finish date.

Here is another smaller one. Look closely at one of the plants at the back…after my first grow ill hopefully do a better job of it.

Happy to share a few more hobbies if people are interested! FYI these dioramas are 1:12 scale. The French garden is around 12" square. The smaller one is about 5 x 4".


Thank you for sharing your story,
we appreciate it my friend.
Your talent is exceptional,
those dioramas are exquisite,
such detail and precision,
your patience and tolerance level must have grown to epic status.
An excellent example of keeping your mind active and accomplishing amazing things :v:

P.S I love the weed plant :green_heart:

Thank you everyone,
glad to have you aboard, if this thread helps even 1 person, it will have served it’s purpose.

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Thank you for your support,
I appreciate this Community more than you could know.

Good vibes, peace be with you :v:


I’ve never shared these thoughts with anyone. I don’t enjoy talking about myself, so this is difficult for me. The following is basically a stream of conscious, so I apologize for the poor writing, typos, grammar, etc.

I’m what could be considered a high functioning alcoholic. How do I know I’m an alcoholic? Well, Each day I know that I don’t want to drink, but the nagging voice coaxes my hands to signal right, turn the steering wheel towards the Mobile station, and propels me straight to the beer cooler. This has been happening every day for at least the past three years and probably a whole lot longer if I’m being honest with myself. I consume easily six beers each day and sometimes as much as 12. I don’t drink in front of my kids, and I usually do my drinking at night once the boys are asleep.

In February of this year, I had taken steps toward being more healthy and cutting my drinking down to two a day. The plan was to eventually cut drinking out altogether over a course of weeks. I’m sure some of you can see where this is going.

March 13th was my first hands on experience with protocols related to COVID-19. The homeowner of the house I was working on had come home from Italy. He wasn’t showing any signs of having COVID, but he had just traveled from Italy, through multiple international airports, and to my place of work. Against the wishes of the owner of the company I work for, I shut the job site down for two weeks. After the first week of staying at home because I put myself out of work, all of the schools in VT and NH shut down. My wife is a teacher, so she was working full time at home trying to teach her students, while I was trying to teach my oldest son and watching my one year old simultaneously. My now two year old son has a form of Cystic Fibrosis called CRMS which can have a negative impact of the respiratory system. So yeah. I’m scared to death of my little guy getting COVID.

The drinking had started up again and the quantity consumed had increased.

My wife is black, and so are my two children. We live in VT, not the most diverse of states. The black lives matter movement was at its apex and forced me to take a good hard look at the situation in our country and the world when it comes to race relations. I’m a paper white English guy who has never really thought very in-depth about race, because I’ve never cared about how folks look. I’ve always judged people by their actions.

I have terrible anxiety, and with anxiety comes depression. I take medication for this, but as anyone who takes anxiety meds knows, it only takes the edge off. Meds don’t take the anxiety away, just makes it more manageable.

As I sit here in my truck typing out this post on my iPhone, staring out over a beautiful riverscape, I find myself wanting to go to the Mobile station. Wanting to crawl to the bottom of a Bud Light bottle and try forget all the bullshit.


BTW thanks for posting the topic. It might be just what I need right now