Boveda 62% RH anybody used them

Has anybody used these packs for curing? I have some on the way and would like some advice or tips. I built a little drying tent out in the woods with canvas tarp that i put over my feed wagon to keep dew and rain off. I took some fence wrapped around couple trees hung some wire and put tarp on. Then i just ran more wire under the tarp to hang branches on tell the stem snaps. Once they snap was going to put in mason jars with RH packs and burp 2 times a day. I would really hate to fck up meds by not being able to cure properly but my wife has no idea what’s goin on.I have dried and cured meds before but it was in a house with dehumidifier and drying racks… and my wife did not live with me at the time so im goin old school!Any advice would be awesome.

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I can’t speak to drying outside but lots of folks use the Boveda packs. Once your buds are dry enough just drop one in your jar with your bud and you are good. I’m smoking 6 month old buds that are perfect because of the packs.

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Drying outside, you can look for stem snap. If your relative humidity is high, you might never get there. If it is too low, the outside of the buds could get dry before the inside dries out. You really want it to get there slowly so the buds can dry out uniformly. That’s why people dry inside and control the humidity.

When you do get to stem snap, trim them and put them in the jars without the BV packs. Then burp the jars for an hour a few times a week for a few weeks. This is all about getting them uniformly dry. Then you put the BV packs in each jar to keep them right at 62% RH. (Of course burping assumes the room air is less than 62% RH!)

That’s the low tech way, but I think there are other options. If you have a dry chamber with humidity control, I would just keep the buds there in 62% RH for a couple of weeks, and then go to jars with BV packs and skip the burping.

If you are just going to make edibles or oil, you don’t need to bother with BV packs. They are just about smooth smoking. I doubt curing can ever increase the THC or CBD content. It just makes it a lot easier to smoke more.

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