Bottom lighting the canopy

Newbie to autoflowers.
I’ll describe my grow environment first
3x3 grow tent
4" inline fan with carbon filter
Spider Farmer 480 w grow light
8" oscillating fan
5 gallon grow bags (2)
50% Peat 50% vermiculite 25 mg dolomitic lime to balance ph 6.0
gypsum pellets
Just germinated 2 Wedding Cake autos (ILGM)
Will be using Jack’s 20 10 20 1/8 of their suggested xoncentration
I’m planning on LST and scrogging
Now for the question: Once the girls start growing good and a canopy develops I’m thinking about under lighting the canopy with a vivo sun 100 watt full spectrum panel.
I’d appreciate any comments on the pros and cons with lighting and/or environment.
72 degrees day 68 night rh 45-55

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I can’t find any flaws with your setup. I don’t use Jacks, but a lot of people do, and like it.

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The undersides of leaves will not use light as they are evolved to accept light from the top. It’s a waste of energy.


Hey @trogglodyte nice setup. I’ve thought about doing that with some 4’ Florescent T5 lights. You get some good lighting that can be up close to you plants plus Florescent have a bit of UVA in them that may enhance them a bit more.

I’m already planning my next grow.
I’m going to use Blue Dream and LSD autos. given my setup do you think I could get away with a 4 cell rdwc setup and still get a good yield?

Agreed, but side lighting the tent (above top of canopy, from side) might benefit, I HOPE.