Blueberry Seedling problems

From a fellow grower: One of the last seeds seems to have broken ground. But it does not look like any other seed that I have grown (years ago). It does not look healthy and usually as I remember the end has a couple of small leaves. This one is white with some green at the bottom, The strain is Blueberry, indoor in medium provided through Pot for Pot, all instructions followed. Grow lights are two stands of indoor grow lights 380-800nm on for 20 hours a day, temperature is 76 degrees with a small fan circulating air at low speed. AC is not on. Nothing has been added except a bit of water. I do not have the equipment to take readings for many of the topics requested. This is just a simple bedroom grow

Looks the the seed shell and the cotylidons inside were ripped off when it broke ground…

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This may sound weird but any chance it is upside down. That is what happened to this northern lights

Eventually I dug it up and saw the cotyledon leaves. I replanted. It survived for a while.
This is a better photo

Fortunately I started 5 and grew 4


Looks like a breach baby, born upside down, root up and leaves down. Turn it over, bury the white root and dig out the head.


@beardless @Hellraiser good call fellas. I’ve just never had one come up breach on me before :v::bear:


I had no idea what was going on until I dug it up. Very odd