BlueBerry Auto Seed to Harvest (hopefully)

Hi folks,
New here, old grower First timer with ILGM seeds.
After a BAD experience with my last seed bank I decided to give ILGM a go, ordered 5 BBAs

Received on Sunday, into the lucky jar 2 went :slight_smile:
Monday evening, After a nice soak in Water with a hint of Peroxide (30hours) into paper towels they went.

Woke this morning to Both having lovely tails.

They are going into Peat Pots filled with HappyFrog when I get home from work tonight.
Hopefully I’'l have a nice Christmas surprise! :slight_smile:

Little trick I’ve used the past few years: Load the Peatpots with soil and soak the soil, put them where you pop the seeds, when you put the seeds in, the soil is already nice and warm and the excess water has evaporated


Welcome to the best place you can possibly be!! :wink: I’m stoked for your grow and set to watching. Happy growing and keep on keeping on! :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

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Welcome to the site!

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Welcome to the forum! I have a Blueberry auto curing now! Definitely potent lol ill follow along if you don’t mind!

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Blueberry is my Fav !


Thanks everyone Most Def follow along I’ll even try to post regularly LOL


@MRaybz Welcome to the community.

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@MRaybz. Welcome!