Blue dream photos not happy (photos)

I’m doing my first photo grow with blue dream. They are 8 weeks into veg and I just flipped the lights to 12/12 four days ago. I had one that is showing signs of nitrogen excess (it’s dark green) but it seemed happy enough. I last watered them three days ago and I usually go 3-4 days between watering. It’s in a fabric pot with half soil, half coco and perlite. I’m using general hydroponics flora series for nutes. Yesterday it started drooping. Today it looks worse. Limp leaves and stems. Is it just that it needs to be watered or could it be something else? It is due for a regular water (no nutes). Should I flush it? I ph balance the water. Room stays about 75-80 degrees and 50% humidity. Also, it’s got a dusting of DE on it as I had a problem with gnats a couple weeks ago. Any help is appreciated. Uploading: B78BC0F1-F218-496D-AEF0-D1BC560B07AF.jpeg…

What type of soil?
What’s the run off?

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What pH are you adjusting to?

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if the pots are light, water them. Also, if you have a tds meter see where your nute levels are at

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Check for bugs in the soil. Get some yellow sticky traps. Water with h202. Fungus gnats really stunted my gorilla glue plant.

What’s the white shit all over the leaves?

Food grade dimaticous earth I’m assuming.

Ah yea just saw that…

Rinse the leaves off…let her breath

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Yes good point. Sprinkle it on the soil surface and it will help kill any bugs. @violagirl0

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In the future, just apply the DE to the soil. Also, try yellow sticky traps or glass chips.

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I would wash that stuff off the leaves, gnats don’t eat the leaves anyway.

If you need to control gnats you have to treat the soil. Gnats eat the roots of the plant when the infestation gets bad. If you want suggestions on how to control gnats I’ll be happy to list some, although there a plenty of threads on this forum covering fungus gnats.

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The half soil i use is Expert Gardner. It has a 6ish ph balance and low nutes. I mixed it once on accident with coco coir because i didn’t have enough coco. So as an experiment, the plant in that mix grew twice as big as my coco only ones. So i tried it again. Same results. I don’t have a ppm meter to test run off. looks like i’ll be buying one. but in the meantime? Water? Or flush?

i ph down from 8.1 to 6

@Familyman, @Noctis420 @CMichGrower I had gnats and larva in the soil and did DE on the dirt only. I got that under control and then i found little crawling white bugs on the under sides of the leaves. So i started doing DE on the leaves as well. I started doing the DE because using neem oil once a week wasn’t helping any. I have 12 blue dreams and they are all happy except this one. Even with a little DE on the leaves

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@Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @OlyBoy98503 (even though I know oly is outdoors). Any insight? Should I flush when i water this one? Is there something else i may be missing?

The drooping could definitely be a need for water. I would just water it, I don’t see any major signs that you really need to do a flush. Just my thoughts on what I see.

This is not a good idea as it will clog the stomata and the plants can’t breathe.


Should definitely deal with the bug issues as well are they aphids? Or thrips? How bad is it?

it seems to be on only one plant out of 12 but i did neem to no help and then started using the de. i haven’t seen them on the plant that i’m having problems with though but this was on one of my other plants. i’m not exactly sure what they are. they crawl like a little catepillar but i don’t think they are.

Captain Jack’s dead bug will work better.