Black widow support

My sugar leaves are turning black close to harvest is this a trait or something else any thoughts community

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Let’s see a picture

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Will do when lights are back on

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Curious to see, I have some of the same seeds,haven’t dropped any yet

I snapped 2 top colas 2 weeks ago but still alot of clear but was still good going on vacation for a week won’t be back till the 15th fighting whether I should pull before I leave now trichomes are mostly cloudy and black leaves are right for this strain light will be on in an hour

Hear are the pictures


I am growing a black widow and seeing the bud size I have a few questions. How long did you let it veg how big of a pot and how tall did you let it get before you flipped to flower? Any topping? I’m just trying to do similar to you as it seems you will be getting a very good harvest off of it

Also what light are you using

Looking good