Black Gold seedling starter soil

New to the forum and amazed at the amount of information found here. Just started some ILGM WW-F seeds that are now about 3/4 - 1". I started these in Black Gold seedling mix which is 75% Canadian sphagnum peat moss, perlite and yucca extract added as a wetting agent. Soil looks good, retains moisture while draining well. I’m growing in 4" organic seed starting pots under cfls. My question is will this starter soil provide adequate nutrients for my plants until they are old enough to add nutrients? Plan on transplanting to growing soil once the time comes. Currently spray misting the soil 3-4 times a day to keep moist.


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If I may ask your yucca extract is from which part of the plant, roots or black seeds ?

I couldn’t tell you. The ingredients on the bag only list it as a wetting agent.

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Do you have a soil PH meter ? Just asking, cause if your yucca extract come from the roots, this is for making soap and propably will take the PH on the alcaline side, if not, it’s gone a be OK until nutrients needed. So, just take a PH reading and if it’s between 6 and 7 you’ll be just fine :innocent:


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Yes the soil should be good considering that the plant will support its self from its lil round leaves (coloydents I think that’s what their called. Can never remember their name) and once those dry up and fall off then it’s safe to start using nutes at like 1/4 strength at first. And water water feed is what most people on here do. Just watch your plants an they will tell you what they want.


It’s dicotyledon (they are two) and your right to say that they have provision until the leave appear :wink: good call :+1:


Ô! If I may, just go easy on the spraying, unless you’re growing in a very dry environnement, 2 times a day will be enough :innocent:


Thanks for all the quick replies and info. Looking forward to seeing these ladies take off. I’ll check the soil pH and see what I get. My well water pHed at approx. 6.7 which should be alright for now with no nutes.

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Hopping on an old thread here but I was about to give this stuff a go on 4 gold leafs. When I ran 6.5 water through it I got a runoff PH of 5. I double checked with a backup ph meter and got the same thing. So I abandoned ship and used hot miracle grow mix, which I’ve used before with success. Runoff was 6.2.