Bitter and coughing

Hello people, i have question about this girl. Today i smoked it and after one or max to nurses it makes me cough and it seems bitter a little. What do you think? Can it be because of last nutriens? Thanks for time​:+1::raised_hands: 22 days of flowering. Nutrient was once last time 3 days ago jack mary as it is called in our country. Thanks :pray:

22 days of flowering? Probably just the plant material as the buds contain no to very little the now you still have 5 weeks or so… that said for 22 days looks like your in for a nice yield

Are you thinking about harvesting soon (within 2 weeks)? If so, a good flush right now will really improve the flavor, aroma, and smoothness of the smoke.

Take the size of your pot & multiply it by 3, then slowly water your plant with that much h20. You’ll want to have a shop vac or something to clean up the run off OR you’ll want to move the plant to your tub before you flush.

Thanks for info👍 Good luck

bitter harsh smoke is usually the result of built up nutes in the plant. best to use a commercial flush and then just plain PH’d water for a week, before harvest.

Thanks👍 I flushed yesterday and its getting better

When it’s dry and cured it will smoke properly :wink:


Exactly this. I read up quite a bit on properly drying and curing once I started growing good genetics. Although I’ll sample flowers once they’ve dried, it’s patiently allowing buds to cure that truly reveals just how good cannabis can be.