Bio Canna feeding schedule

First time using the Canna nutrients line.

Any one have any info to offer on a bio Canna feeding schedule?

I also am throwing in a little “recharge” powder from real growers but am unsure exactly when and how often I should add that to the regiment.

I’m growing in organic soil I’ve already amend. Plus I’ve set up a compost last season that has finally giving me the “black gold” I was hoping for.

Canna has custom “grow guide” for each of their product lines on their website. If you go there, you can select desired solution amount and measuring scale, then it will generate a schedule for you. I would offer link, but unable to do so due them selling competitive products.

I’m unfamiliar with bio line, but others seemed to be a little more nutrient rich than necessary. Depending on how often you plan on feeding, you may be able to reduce their recommended amounts.

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