Biggest yields from i love

what seeds are giving out the biggest indoor yields

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Here is a start but yield has as much to do with the grow as it does genetics. Poor lights, health issues and nutrients make or break a grow.

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I just bought some Chocolope seeds. I have high hopes them.

Check out some of the Amnesia Haze grows on here. I’m always impressed with the yields.

Any strain can produce good. If you know what you are doing and have the best lights possible. I got over 2 pounds dried, cured and no stems on my last crop. But lights is the most important thing you will buy. You can’t go cheap and expect high yields. :+1:


thankyou guys does anyone know where this place is based and how long to send seeds to uk

can you tell me is it 1 600w light per 3 by 3 foot ?