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Got some questions and observations. I am not exactly a noobie when it comes to growing cannabis. I’ve had a few outdoor grows over the years and have been growing indoors consistently for the past few years ( at least 12 indoor closet grows, l’d guess…harvest and almost immediately start another grow.) Some background here.I have been using bag weed seeds (appears to be some sort of skunk weed…pretty good.) My lights are off-the-shelf led household bulbs from Walmart ( 36 60 watt bulbs mounted to a flat surface…(I do this because if a bulb goes out,I just unscrew it and put another in its place…bulbs are 4 for 97 cents). My soil is horse manure mixed with peat moss and perlite…about half a wheelbarrow load of horse manure with around 8 scoops (3 pound coffee can) of perlite and peat moss each. I start my seeds with the paper towel method.I use scrog and low stress training.I use Alaska Fish Fertilizer when I need to add nutes. I’m listing this to show that I did not use fancy lights or nutes or soil and still had successful grows. This has worked out pretty well for me. I finally ran out of seeds and needed to obtain some to continue. I looked online and ILGM seemed to be the best choice ( delivery and germination guarantee,etc). I really did not know what to expect since I had never bought seeds online before. I received the seeds after about 2 weeks.I assumed the seeds would be of a more uniform size …some were smaller than others and they all were smaller than the seeds I had been using in the past. I followed ILGM’s recommended method of sprouting and planting and I must say I am somewhat disappointed. Some seeds did not sprout at all and the ones that have seem like they lack vigor and are puny and small ( I have them planted in Happy Frog soil by Fox Farms). I am not sure about ILGM’s quality control proceedures , but when I have had problems in the past like this it was because the seeds were too old. I detailed my previous experience to show that I have had quite a few successful grows in ;the past and my experience with ILGM’s seeds was not due to my inexperience. Does anyone have any similar experiences with ILGM and their seeds? Or know how fresh their seeds are? Just by looking at the seeds, they are not too impressive to be seeds that were grown to be sold commercially.

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Its called Genetics. I have at least 1000 seeds from Top Shelf Companies and no 2 seeds will look alike. I have seen extremely dark medium sized seeds and I have small ones.
I also have ones bigger than a BB’s for like pellet guns.

No two seeds will grow the same either nor produce exactly the same size and color.

As for ILGM seeds, you need to go to their side and do what you need to do.

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