BIGGEST outdoor for northeast

What is the largest strain ILGM sells that i can grow outdoors in NY? I plan on using a 170 gallon raised bed with living soil and just want to grow 1 monster plant in it. I remember as a kid seeing plants close to 20 feet tall along the power lines “around here”, but i also know not all strains will respond well to the climate here.

Please advise?


The monsters you see in outdoor grows are more a function of growing conditions than it is strain. Day length and veg time will vary based on geographical location are the primary factors, though good growing basics also contribute to plant size. If you are in a good location, then you should have similar results if you’ve got the basics nailed.


Train Wreck is a big plant.


“Gold leaf” or “The white og” is the largest I’ve grew inside and if they had more room like outside, they would have gotten massive…

I’ve never tried to select huge growers where I’m inside but Sativas or Sativa leaning hybrids I believe is what you want. Anything haze I believe could potentially get big…
We see alot of really big “Gorilla glue” plants inside so maybe it could be a contender :man_shrugging:

Obviously you want photo periods and not autoflowers if massive plants is what you’re after.
That’s my 2-cents their’s others with more outdoor experience the me so take my advice as suggestion only :sweat_smile:


Yea, i have mainly done indicas and mostly indoors (what can i say i value interesting tastes above all) but just once i want to grow a truly massive plant. gold leaf was on the short list but i was also looking at the high yield mix pack and wondering if those got bigger (and a bit concerned about the shorter grow season). I guess i could veg them indoors in a 7 gallon pot and then transplant into the bed. Its obviously too late to start this year (plus im at my plant limit), but that gives me plenty of time to load the bed for next year.

Thanks for all feedback.


Copied from ilgm.
“He bred it so it would be easy to cultivate, grow into tall, bud-covered plants, and have an average flowering time, as well as produce very high yields”

Maybe you was looking at the auto version :man_shrugging:
Gold Leaf Feminized Seeds For Sale | Buy Online >>> ILGM.

But that mix pack sounds good :+1:


Alot of huge plants you see outside were started indoors a year earlier and have been pruned and manicured for quite a while in veg or were a mother plant for who knows how long. As far as strains that get really big, id look for some old donkey dick skunk, they grew like trees


Sativa strain grow much bigger then indica strains doesn’t mean just Sativa just Sativa dominants


Moby Dick is known to be a large producer. Given the correct conditions.


Bruce Banner


Pure power plant


Oh no, “short list” like…


  1. a list of selected candidates from which a final choice is made.
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Purple Haze grew in the ground with vegetables she was over 10ft seedling on 5/15- 10/20


I guess theres really nothing stopping me from starting the grow immediately and just vegging for a full year, i could probably get it atleast 6 feet tall comfortably without worrying too much about having to move it outside. Then i can top it multiple times and get it all trained nicely… i like this idea.

The question remains though, which strain (that is sold by ILGM) will get THE tallest?

is there a way to make this a poll? moby dick, gold leaf, chocolope, or something else (im trying to avoid 12 week flower times too since i am in the north)?

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Duly noted. i already have some of those seeds (from ILGM) too!


I’ve never grew the ILGM version, but Blue Dream or Trainwreck both get big. We have seen some massive outdoor White Widow grown outdoors in the northeast here.


Having the biggest plant in the northeast might not give you the biggest yield!! Lol September rain will definitely mold it up and the wind will tear it up, can’t wait to see how it turns out for you :sunglasses:


Cherry pie will grow enormous! We had a 15’ outdoors one year…made me start growing indoors


The best way imo is to find outdoor growers and scour their threads. @Big123 is approximately named. He grows redwoods haha.

Give his thread a go or pick his brain if he’s still hanging around. Years of experience there.

Also just to answer the question… Gold Leaf, Blue Dream, and Power Plant all get HUGE. And White Widow is a cultivar NOT to be slept on. She takes a licking and given the space, I’m sure will produce beautifully. Fire OG is one I didn’t expect to get big, but if I’m remembering correctly, Big had one get ginormous


If you’re just looking to impress by growing a weed tree, start early indoors and then transplant outside. You will likely have serious bud rot on a huge plant though. Fast and early flowering with genetic resistant to rot is what you want if you actually want a nice harvest. Growing good bud outdoors in NY is challenging due to the weather.