BIGGEST outdoor for northeast

In the deep south we try for more giant bushes than trees. Multi topping and air flow are the key.

Also, check out the bio fungicide and insecticide products.


More info please? If I want to do that next summer, what do I need to do when? Is this described in a post somewhere?


Mine actually came from a purple haze plant so I found a bag seed and hoped for the best. Now I have 2 clone and 3 bag seeds in the garden going to run an auto or 2 they are in solocup stage.


I’ve grown in NYS for 30 plus years now I’m in the south growing.No matter where the weather in the fall can be terrible.if it’s dry great but if it’s wet you can lose everything.
Being somewhat legal in NYS.if you can build a tent for wet conditions and put a fan or two in it .You could have a giant.
Personally I would grow indica dominant strains as many have suggested.
Another option would be to have your plant or plants in a mobile grow pot.
You could grow a giant sativa plant if you just wanted a giant plant but mold and bud rot will win most likely. A 12” fall colored bud are always impressive to me.But hey we outdoor folk might get lucky with a dry fall.Last year here in SC the fall was fairly dry and the finish line was met with little to no issues.Either way I look forward to some pics of your giant in the making.Best of luck


Amnesia haze


I’m a little slow :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for all the responses. I didnt realize i would only be able to post 3x on my first day (though i could have sworn i used this forum a couple years ago) and be unable to edit after the third post.

I left ny for close to 20 years and moved back as soon as they legalized. Back then i was a kid finding pricker bushes to plant inside of or along isolated streams. Now i can do things properly (for one thing because im no longer a 20 something) and JUST want to grow an obnoxiously huge plant. Yup people will see it, it will most likely get stolen (over a dozen cameras on my property but people wear masks and stuff), and budrot and other issues will probably happen. Im ok with it. I also grow bamboo (hooray for support structures!) and tons of other plants, trees, fruits, and vegetables so im not approaching from a completely clueless place. I just wasnt completely clear on which seeds genetically had the greatest potential.

Last night it was 23 degrees here and i had to bring everything in that i put out on mothers day, that wont be happening with 170 gallons of soil though. Starting indoors definitely will be the way to go and maybe ill build a sort of hot box to keep up until june around the bed.

Every time i try to grow cherry anything it herms on me, so thats out. have done amnesia haze autos (from ILGM) several times and its not really my favorite (she loves it though), so ive decided either trainwreck, purple haze, or goldleaf. Goldleaf seems to have the most resistances so ill go with that. When its time ill document the adventure (right down to the grimy SOB who is eventually going to steal it). Fun fact, theres a park behind my house where kids play lacrosse, so theres 0 chance of it not being seen if it goes higher than around 12 feet.

Again, thanks for all your responses. May your thumbs get ever greener.


dude… i feel like ive spent half my life thinking “ooooooh!”, usually days or weeks after an event.

…usually also in regards to warning stickers or assembly instructions.


Definitely Gold Leaf.


Ha! Just make sure you have a medical card because it isn’t legal to grow recreationally yet (18 months after first rec dispensary opens). Not sure what they’d do though if you didn’t have one. Also NY law states they need to out of plain sight. Both laws are ridiculous but we’re making progress.


I mean, i called the state police and 3 different town police departments and asked them and they ALL said i was good to go. They also ran an article in the paper a couple weeks ago stating that its max 12 plants per household and that its open season. Ironically the ONLY ones to tell me it was NOT okay was the office for cannabis management. I do also have a medical card from PA and when i asked my doctor about getting one in NY she said “weed is legal here, why would you need it?”, so yea im feeling pretty safe about things.

I am super bummed about the out of plain sight part, i hadnt been aware of that bit. I figured if you were allowed to grow outdoors (which again i asked the local police dept.) it would stand to reason that somebody might see them. Like… this whole plan just got shot to shit. Anything i do to block view is going to also block light which means the plant wont get as tall. Thanks for the heads up, ending up on the front page of the local paper for being a dumbass isnt really what im going for.

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Yes it is the OCM that is making the specific regulations for home grows. No idea if police will actually enforce them. My guess, and I’m not a lawyer so please don’t take anything I say as legal advice, is that police won’t care unless they get people complaining, and if they do they’ll just say cut it down.

Maybe if it’s visible but behind a locked fence you’d be ok?

Official regulations here

And a fact sheet is available here

I hope you can still grow some monster cannabis!

I believe their main reason for it not to be visible is that they do not want kids…ie: Teenagers to have easy access to it… I remember in my day as a teen a few guys I knew of in school would rip them off when they knew where they were…I’m sure that’s their motivation behind the “out of plain view”. Thats how Ive heard it explained. Kinda redundant when Teens can get a hold of just about anything on social media sites and Fentanyl is rampant… :man_shrugging:


Regulations here are whackadoodle! Every time some bad, for profit, grower found a loophole, the regs became tighter.

Now we have a locked enclosure requirement. It also cannot be visible to the public. 12 plants per household.

We just had our fence replaced and we had a locking gate installed on our side yard and I hope that meets the intent of the regulation.

With the increased crime I doubt the police would be knocking at our door since the guy five houses down has a big old hemp patch prominent in his front yard. Hemp falls under the same regulations as MJ here.

Have a great day my friends!


Yea, having it not be visible seems like they are nit picking considering anyone with a trained nose can find them. I already surrounded my deck with 6 foot fence fabric (so now it looks like a massive cocoon) and now nobody can claim they see them.

What would the police response be i wonder? How many people are going to call this season and say “someone stole my plants!”? Like i said i got lots of cameras but unless it was some wino who was foolish enough to put their unmasked face right near the cameras (mounted 10 feet off the ground) i have 0 faith that a positive ID could be made. Assuming they were caught (big stretch here) would they be charged with the street value (which has thankfully gone way down) or simply destruction of property? Any LEOs care to weigh in?

grew some big ones last outdoor season in ny , gold leaf, purple haze , grandaddy purple and purple kush ,

had bad luck with purple haze only , got tall with crazy long buds but a
lot of the best buds were rotted despite it supposed to be " mold resistant " , for ny weather if you are going big and want harvest I would go for something like gold leaf


@megaflux where abouts are you located ??? I’m in The northeast also!! County lol just curious of the info you got from the state police and law enforcement


im where mark twain is buried, chemung county.


6 foot Purple Kush I’m in northeast Ohio she just started flowering


Nicely done @Jspeach you have started the count happy growing my friend