Big leaf butter

Hey y’all, so I just big leafed my 5 auto plants. I got a full plastic grocery bag size full. Maybe a few smaller leaves that had a little suger crystals on them. It all smelled awesome and great. I’m growing organic with foop. Anyways, I threw all the leaves in a big pot, and decarbed them in the oven at 250. Then I filled the pot up with water and added about half cup of butter and coconut oil. Then I boiled it for about 10 minutes. Then I strained it into a big jar and squeezed the leaves out. Then I froze it. Then the butter formed on the top of the jar and I peeled it off the water … Waalllaaaah. I don’t smoke and only do edibles. I put the butter in my coffee and I’ve been loaded all day! Super lit. I cant imagine what 25 percent THC flower will Doo!!!


Here are the girls. Gsc, gg, Bruce banner


Wonder if you would have boiled a bit longer would have done? We made oil with like you a bucket filled with trim and fan and sugar leaves and small buds and stems made into the most potent oil we have ever had. Don’t need much all day flight… One drop Please fasten your seatbelt folks and the Captain will let you know when we rach Warp Factor 11.

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That’s amazing it’s true. I don’t smoke anymore. And it got me feeling real good just on edibles. And your rights… It’s all about micro dosing! Maybe a little more for recreational fun!

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I got a magical butter machine. First batch will be ghee, coconut oil, and cacao butter instead of lecithin. Blast off

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I’m totally tanked on just the big leaf butter. Pretty much only big leaves! I’m so tanked. 77’ live dead for days.

I made Fudge Brownies with 1/2 cup THC Coconut oil Betty told me to and mixed it up. and OH BOY very good body buzzz pain less and head relaxed thoughts open. I do love to roll one and smoke the friuts of our Labours ,but the coughing oil and brownies. YEAH!

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