Beware of expired nutrients for sale online

Hey all, just want to share a bad experience I’m going through. There is a nutrient retailer on Amazon selling products that are well past the manufacturers expiration date, and then not standing behind the sale. I’ve been trying to get this resolved for over a week, but between Amazon being on limited staff, and the retailer being a complete shyster, I’ve had nothing but grief. The retailers name is “Green Grow MI”. Make sure you don’t buy from them. I’m convinced that they’re doing this on purpose, because I’ve noticed that all the Advanced Nutrients products they sell that DO NOT have expiration dates are for sale at regular retail prices, but all the items that DO have expiration dates are 10 to 15 bucks below retail, but do not mention anywhere that they are expired. So it seems pretty clear to me that they’re trying to dump old stock online and hoping people don’t notice or don’t want to deal with it.
Anyway, on a side note. I wrote to Advanced Nutrients last night to let them know about this. They’ve already gotten back to me. They’re replacing the expired product, and passing the info along to the department that handles deals with the retailers.
Watch out for Green Grow MI, they’ll rip you off!


Great info, Thanks for sharing. :+1:

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Handled just the right way. Hopefully AN will stick it to the retailer then Amazon will dump on em too.


I have an update. This morning the retailer emailed me to let me know that AN is requiring them to refund me, and send them back all expired product in their warehouse.

I also heard back from AN again as well. The retailer claimed it was an error in the warehouse. I don’t necessarily believe that, but I’m certainly more than satisfied with the response from AN. I got nowhere with Amazon or the retailer in a week. I got AN involved, and here I am less than 48 hours later.


Good to hear this is working out, just kinda shitty you had to deal with in the first place.

I have posted on here several times suggesting the use of local shops for things like nutrients. First of all, they are usually cheaper than Amazon. But supporting your local shops should be a priority. These are the people that could hopefully help you out in those situations where 2 day shipping just isn’t fast enough.


I love my local grow store, the owner is an awesome dude and has spent his life working with plants. The only reason I ordered the Voodoo Juice online is because he was out of it. Next time I’ll just wait, lol.


It’s good to know that AN will do the right thing, love their products.


No doubt, not only did they do the right thing by me and replace the product, but they went after the retailer immediately. Thanks again for the recommendation @Hellraiser!