Best yield highest potency seeds for hydro LED grow? GO!

I’m getting ready to harvest my first grow of white widow and silver haze…looking for ideas for my next run…First run turned out great, but I would like a better yield this time.

Hi - can you describe your set up a bit and how you went about growing? Based on that people may be able to offer suggestions.

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Yes; we need WAY more information to be able to help you. If you are getting 10 oz from a 6 month plant there’s not much more you can do, but if your yields were only a couple of ounces each then yes; there’s a lot you can do.

High yielding plants I’ve had experience with include White Widow, Sour Diesel is my favorite, Gold Leaf, Crystal, Jack Herer, Girls Scout Cookies all have decent yields.

How much space do you have available? What lights are you using? How was your yield? Are you open to trying new ideas?

I’m using a Super Closet Deluxe (4x2x6) with a KIND 600 watt lamp. C02 15 mins every hour with lights on, techno flora nutrient schedule. 9-10 week cycle.

I was thinking Girl Scout Cookie Extreme or Gorilla Glue #4

Suggest you utilize the seed selection process available here.
Would be a wise thing to checkout the easy growing strains.

What is your draw power of light? Usually higher draw power = higher yields. You can click here to learn more ways to increase yield.