Best Times for trimming

Ok so it’s the beginning of week three for flowering and it’s kinda bushy

Should I trim the fan leaves now or wait until another week or so and how much so I take off … I’ve see vids where dude basically stripped the girls butt naked


Start slowly from the bottom a few here a couple there…

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If it is a photo and all bud sites are developed now u can strip it down. Take anything off the bottom 1/3 of the plant keep clones if u want and reveg them but if sites are formed id strip it down now usually 21 days into flower is a good first time

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Ove done this with the help and words of @Nicky on a bubblegum auto flower and it came out hreat. Nice fat colas a bout 2 an
D a half inches round dry. They were almost 4 inches wet. Good luck buddy. Happy growing.

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Good advice above for sure.

Keep in mind your objective, which is usually to increase airflow within the plant to mitigate bud rot and to help with light penetration.

Be sure not to take off too much all at once. 1/4 of the foliage is a good rule of thumb. Let the plant heal for a few days and then proceed again if necessary.

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