Best soil to plant seeds in

Whats the best soil to plant my sprouts in

There is only one best soil and that is…

I lied. There are many best mediums. If you want soil not soilless then get soil that says “for seedlings” and double check to make sure it doesn’t have time release fertilizer, but it shouldn’t be if it says “for seedlings”

I suggest you read this. :slight_smile:

All soils will work and for the most part, it is a matter of growers choice.

You don’t want to use soil with time releasae fertilizer in it.

everyone’s favorite “premium” soil is Foxfarm Ocean Forest.

Some growers use Miracle Grow. We do not recommend using MG but, some old school growers claim they have always used it successfully.

And as mentioned ; There are so many soils on the market. Pick one and get started.

Happy growing, lw

As a side note. My recommendation would be to find something organic. You are ingesting this stuff one way or another.

If you go to Fox Farms website they have a dealer locator I got lucky a local farm store carries it.

Thanks, I was blown away just coming from the store. 18 kinds of soil! I found Jiffy Natural & Organic Seed Starting Jiffy-Mix.60-70% Sphagnum peat moss, vermiculite, coir pith and lime for ph adjuster. Will this do?


I wouldn’t recommend that soil @Bobbi since it is not soil and is a soilless mix that has lime in it to raise the ph to 6.5

There is another couple guys growing with that now and it has been very confusing trying to keep the pH right.

I would recommend for simplicity to buy organic potting soil with perlite with no time release or slow release fertilizers.

Have to be careful with anything that uses the words “Miracle” or “Mix” in the name.

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I have two big bags of Hydrofarm INC-FOXFARM FX14000 1.5 CUFT Ocean Forest Potting Soil in the trunk of my car. I was saving that for replanting them outside. Should I use that for my new seeds instead?

FFOF is good soil. I used it myself. It is a little hot (enriched) for sprouts and seedlings but it will work.

I found that just your basic no name organic potting soil with perlite works fine if they have that?

They didn’t, about 18 kinds…most with nutrients in it. the jiffy was the only one that didn’t. I still have the Ocean Forest in my car.


I’m going to give you my soil mixture, but i have to fix it so that you can understand what go’s with what stage. i won’t be to long…lol ok


I had to plant them yesterday since they started to sprout. I used the fox ocean potting soil I already had. Thanks everyone.

Fox farm ocean soil i’ve had 100% grow germination and harvests with IL GM seeds

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@bob31 please go over to sick seedlings and help me out.

I’m there and back