Best method to germinate seeds?

My seeds should be here in a week or so. I am thinking of using the method of putting the seed directly in a small clay pot about 1/2 inch down into the soil and keeping the top layer of soil moist with a spray bottle. I can do the wet paper towel method if it is better or faster. Any preferred methods among you guys/gals. Thanks.

I used the paper towel method with a lot of success


I have read the root can grow into the paper towel. You haven’t had this happen?

Do you put the seed between two paper towels and then put them in a ziploc bag or between two plates?

I posted this to a prior thread
To quantify the discussion this is what Ed Rosenthal had to say “Drugstore peroxide is a 3% solution; if it’s used, add it at the rate of one part H202 to five parts water”. Roughly this would translate as follows:
One ounce shot glass and 1 1/4 teaspoons of peroxide. This may be the case where metrics is easier to work with. One fluid ounce is just under 30 milliliters. 20% dilution equals 6 milliliters. One of these handy syringes makes things easier.
Soak in water 24 - 32 hours. Once sprouted in water put in pop / solo cut with good seed starter mix.
If not sprouted, transfer to paper towel and wait to sprout.

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I did a ziplock bag and kept it open for oxygen and it literally took like 24 hours and no It’s never happened that the root grows into the paper towel

Make sure it stays moist

I was wondering about the oxygen. So I should never seal the bag to keep moisture in? How often were you checking the moisture level? I can take out the paper towels and spritz them with a spray bottle.

Nope keep it open so Air can circulate and Yep just missed it down just keep your paper towel moist