Best Indica Strain at 600m in Central Europe

I’ve been trying a few different strains outdoors over the years, and I’ve found Barney’s Farm Critical Kush and Purple Punch do well where I am located.

I am curious about which are the best strains for my region though, and if something else might be better?


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Humboldt Purple Panty Dropper it literally grows itself. Grows like a Sativa big and tall but the buds are Indica all day. So far no issues with mold or mildew. You had no issues with the Kush outdoor?

I’m experimenting with a strain perfected in your region by Dutch Passion called Durban Dew and must say it is a gem also. Early finisher that is a very light eater.


Awesome thank you. No issues with Critical Kush thus far.

I will give Humboldt Purple Panty Dropper a go next year!

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