Va outdoor advice

I’ve done a few outdoor grows and have had success but only grew seeds I had got from good bud so this time I’m planning on ordering seeds and that’s my first and biggest question is recommended strains

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Ilgm breaks it down pretty well, what are you trying get out of your grow? Are you gorilla growing?

What type do you like sativas or indicas?

I’d prefer Indica but someone suggested white banner hybrid I’m really open to what’s best for climate but Indica if I can chose with highest thc

Have you had a look at ilgm seed store?
You can select indica and outdoors etc and it show you what they suggest

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Yes gorilla for sure I’m in a state that still frowns on growining or consuming any marijuana really want a good quality I get good bud locally but have such a tolerance I want to try a well taken care of high thc bud I can take care of all the way like I mentioned I’ve grown before just never with great genetics or perfect soil ph


Yes just want any Input on strain and any tips or knowledge I can get emphasized text

Also for soil turning how often is best as I still have some time

Iv just harvested an outdoor gorilla glue yesterday it smells so strong and yummy.
It did grew pretty tall and bushy

I considered that with its high thc size shouldent matter to much as long as it’s not a very pick strain as in needs perfect ph and whatnot

Granddaddy purple is a big producer outdoor. Mine was almost 10 feet tall and gave 14 ounces. I had bud rot issues last season with Purple Haze and White Widow. Granddaddy purple was unaffected. Bubblegum was unaffected by bud rot as well. GDP is 100% indica. Bubblegum in a 50 50 hybrid.


All four are awesome

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I never tested my ph and I grew well and fast ,
I got the heavy hitters mix pack which contains blue dream (sativa dominant). Gorilla glue (indica dominant) and mk ultra (50/50).

I’ve only harvested the gg as of now but the mk will have the highest yeilder of those three ,the smell of gg travels a fair distance is the only issue I had which is a good issue to be fair

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Northern lights for smallish plants that are very potent buds. Mine are outgrowing my Afghani and Skunk #1 plants.


I’m doing about 5 different strains right now, all outside. Blue dream, mk ultra, gorilla glue, gold leaf, and girlscout cookies extreme. A lot has to do with the climate you’re in. If you’re trying to be discreet, maybe a smaller plant size would do better. I’m just now getting off work, I’ll update you later when I look at my notes. Something I really like to do with gorilla growing is companion plants. It can help with so many things, nutrition, pest, ect… but that does take some planning ahead, and if you’re not on your own property, it can be pretty risky to keep going to and from.

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I got a lot of rain last year as everybody did on east coast USA but if you could let me know some good companion plants and how you go about what works best for you I’d love and appreciate any help and thanks so far for all the help from everyone

And is it possible to put plants out earlier like what’s the coldest it can get and not hurt them or stunt them and could I put some type of plastic over it at night for now

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@Sleepineg. I’m on the east coast as well and have used larger water bottles for a dome outside when cooler. Bout 15-20 liter or so. Locally we try for mid to end of May and the bottles can help if u happen to get an early frost. Temps should be lowest double digit at nite before putting outside here I’ve found.
Welcome to the forum. Peace. :v:

I’m in VA glad to know I’ve got someone who can point in rite direction… reason I asked about covering is I have some already started (seeds from bud I’ve got over the year) I wanted to just use to try some things out it got to 32 last night but I’m asking if I say but a cover over them at night could I put in ground soon or will it be better to keep bringing inside… I’m limited still on number of posts I can do but do u plant strait in ground, and do you turn soil and when and how often along with what’s best to add I guess in other words what should I do now to prepare spots

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Its the light cycle you need to sink up or the plants will start to flower before you want them to

The GG#4 im smoking now