I can buy 3 regular seed strains

I can get 3 regular seed packs. There are only 5 available here,

Durban Poison
Jack Herer
Northern Lights
Super Skunk
White Widow.

I am choosing for 2 reasons, one to get a nice Mother Plant, two to get some males to play with making my own seeds and maybe make a nice new strain.

Durban Poison is 100% sativa and Northern Light is 90/10 Indica so I think a good choice for two strains so what about the 3rd one?

I plan on doing all 3 with each other and with themselves. Then I also plan on using each male with my fem seeds I have LSD, MW, NL, BBK, BD,CD,BGL

Yes I like to play :heart_eyes:

White widow has been around forever, probably most stable

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Contact Stacy@ilovegrowingmarijuana.com She should be able to help you out

What do you like? When I look at that list, Durban and Jack Herer probably stand out the most to me. But I also prefer sativa most of the time.

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I had emailed her and asked if they ever did a “regular pack” to save me some money with 3 strains. She said not much requests for that with regular seeds.

Maybe I should suggest a special for 4th of July where they could do a special price and you get to pick you own 3 strains for a pack. I think that would sell a lot of seeds :grinning:

I wish there were a few more choices in the regular seeds. I would love to have a 100% Indica also to play with. I am reading “Marijuana Botany” again and it is bringing back memories.

We’re not really involved with seed shop, so I can’t really help with that. This is my own thought, but I always kinda figured the mix packs were a way to move a strain that didn’t sell as good as the other two combined with it. And that was the reason they were discounted so heavily.

Doesn’t hurt to ask though.

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Ha Ha! I did ask. And in the meantime I just ordered the Durban Poison and Northern Lights (regular seeds). And I added a 10+10 on the Granddaddy Purple (fem) sale for a 100% Indica to play with.


Nice! I may have picked up a Durban hybrid doing a little 4/20 shopping lol.


I didn’t think granddaddy purple was full indica? I was under the impression it was a hybrid.

The following ILGM strains are 100% Indica:
Grand Daddy Purple
Pure Indica
Purple Kush


I just wish on the “regular seed” there was at least one 100% Indica so I could have pure Indica male pollen. The Northern lights at 90/10 is the closest. The Durbin Poison is 100% Sativa so that side is covered :sunglasses: