Best Humidity levels for storing flower, both short term and long term

What is the best way to store several Lbs. of flower for the long term? What is the most desirable humidity and temp also? If I had the room I’d seal each lb. with one of those airtight sealing bags with vacuum seals typically used for storing foods to get a seal I have confidence in. I don’t recall if freezing it is good or bad though. I’d be happy to hear thoughts on what humidity level of best for this kind of situation as well as for a couple of months worth of readily available stash? All input is welcome!


I am noob! I see everyone knows the basics of germination, veg, fliwering, but i don’t see a lot of info on drying, curing, and storage. I know for a fact that you can grow something and the aroma, flavor, and beauty is awesome but the remaining flowers what do we do to keep them freshly ready for what ever purpose they will be used for. Storage freshness?

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My method is to cut entire plant down and then hang plant. In 7-10 days it will be dry enough for me to trim. After trimming I will check the humidity by placing it in a paper bag. If the humidity in the bag is between 55-65% I will put in quart canning jars. I then burp the jars, open let them sit for 10-15 minutes, then close them back up. I do this a few times per day for the first 10-14 days. Then I will do it once a day for another 7-10 days. At that point I will seal the jar and keep it in a dark cool place. The longer you can hold off the better the cure will be.


@Myfriendis410 has said he has frozen bud in jars for a couple of years. It’s best to use a non frost free freezer. I can’t remember the exact reason, but it has something to do with the cycling of frost free ones causing issues.

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It probably gets to cold and knocks of trics… bubble hash uses that exact process freezing tricks so they fall off easy… but short term you wanna hit 60 to 62 % is a target zone rh inside your jars… bovada packs are up and down rh regulators can help regulate for longer term


Cycling temps with frost-free freezers causes THC to break down into CBN: sleepytime oil. Keeping at a stable temp maintains chemical makeup of flower for much longer. I just smoked some Crystal last night that was harvested in May of 2017: knocked me on my ass lol.

I started doing this on the advice of a good friend and coworker who is a retired Food Sciences professor at Cal Poly, who works for a cannabis company in SLO. All large operations freeze their flower.

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I’d watch out telling ppl about that lol ok bro :joy: ok man good to know about the freezer I like sleepy time oil can u make can oil and get toasted then?

It’s the molecule itself that degrades so I would assume yes over time it will diminish in potency or the character will change somewhat. But flavor profile remains present, terpenes are all there etc. so it’s like smoking freshly cured flower.

Cool because I’ve seen so many isolates like
thc-a Crystal’s and others can’t remember exactly but I heard thc a is kinda a bland high when isolated lacks the other characteristics of a cannabinoid profile to compliment it