Best growing temps at the different stages

What are the best temps for the flowering and vegetation stages. Started germination about an hr ago. Just trying to get my thumb as green as I am when it comes to this. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Hello there, I keep my tent as close as I possibly can to 80F during lights on. Lights off I have a heater that keeps my dark time to 70F, no lower than that. The humidity is key after your temps are stable. During veg I’m around 45% and flower I drop it to 20+. Hope that helps


@Dreambudz…it depends on strain, soil and nutes you using…best bet is to google it

@Dreambudz. For seedlings and germination a heat mat would help greatly. But if no mat then on top of a cable box or fluorescent light fixture. They need approx 75-80 deg for proper germ.
Keep covered in the dark till they pop. Then 24 hr light for next 2 weeks. This will give them a good start to putting down roots.
As @Davyg said. 70-80 deg for the high and low temps for veg and bloom.
Humidity should be closer to 65-70% for early veg.
Following the vpd charts will give you the best end results.

Good growing. :+1::v:


80°F is your best friend when growing under LED fixtures. Like OldGuy said, just follow VPD and you wont have any issues with your environment.


Thanks I really appreciate the help

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