Indoor question

Im new to the community and new to indoor growing, i have some super skunk and granddaddy im working at.
My question is, whats the ideal temperature :thermometer: and humidity for these strans? Not trying to stress them and i dont want to slow them down, want the most out my girl’s.
I’ve been reading some great comments on here. Looking forward to becoming a permanent resident.
Too, my girl’s are about one month today.
I also placed one outside.
Gdp - in cloth buckets
Outside - super skunk


Try and find a VPD chart and go off that for veg.
I try and keep my humidity at 45-50% in flower once the buds start getting fat.
I just picked up an AC infinity controller so my tents are pretty well automated and try to hold the parameters I set.

I’m fairly new to the LED’s and automated stuff but I’m learning as I go.

Hope that helps and welcome to the community!


Welcome to the group!
Humidity can be high when they are little but once they get going I try and stay 50% or below. As long as you have good airflow you will be good.


Seedling stage temps 76-85 RH 65-75%
Veg same temps RH 55-65%
Flower temp range is larger, mid 60s-mid 80s, RH 45-55%.

Chasing VPD numbers will drive you insane Growmie, keep the environment in the ranges above and they’ll reward you with a nice harvest :love_you_gesture:


No truer words spoken.



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