Bergmans nutrients schedule

Bergmans schedule is telling me to fertilize the seedlings. I’m not in my ocean breeze soil yet, but from what I’ve read and been told, I should stay away from nutes unroll veg.


It all depends on what medium your growing in. If your in a soil that already has nutrients in it then you would water only until your ppm’s went down. But if your in coco then you would be feeding right away. What soil are you in?

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I’m in organic seed starter now, but will be going into fox farm ocean breeze. I believe the seed starter mix is like .03,.06,.03. Also, was going to start a tea of liquid seaweed and molasses here soon as well.

I assume you mean FF Ocean Forest, in which case you would add no nutes of any kind for 5 - 6 weeks from your last transplant.


What about seaweed/molasses tea?

Ocean Forest is pretty hot. It doesn’t need any supplements and you are more likely to hurt your plants than you are to help them.

I wouldn’t go seaweed. You just don’t need it. Molasses isn’t a nute and can help feed the good bacteria in your soil, but I only use it during flowering when the carbohydrates help other plant processes as well.

Thanks for that, I was wondering.

They look good btw, nice job. Bury them about up to the cotyledons when you transplant. All that lanky trunk will become root and be better then ever and stable :muscle:… congrats again @Buckshot nice chatting

Thank ya. About when would you recommend transplanting? Was thinking about 7 days out, anxious me wants to do it then. I’ve seen some videos, and most of them are bigger and almost root bound in their containers.

Yeah you shouldn’t need any nutrients for around 6 weeks when it comes to new FFOF soil. Its very “hot” for new seedlings. I give the advice of using a buffer between the new FFOF soil and the seedling.

My buffer is going to be from nearly 2 year old FFOF which has no nutrients at all. So I have to feed immediately after they break theough the soil. :+1:

Good call brotha, also using this on the roots.When transplanting, heard good things about it.


I use myco. It’s good stuff.

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Great white is good stuff. A lot of helpful lil critters. I recently switched to Recharge but basically the same… dust that hole good you will like the product…

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