Bergman fert. additives, must need some?

Using chart for Bergmans fert. using Grow time now for first time having major probs. need

lots more phosphorus? Leaves drooping, leaf stems, branches and main trunk all dark purple. It’s a bad situation. I did a foliar spray this morning with 3 tsp liguid kool bloom G.H. 0/10/10.

This happened within a wk. Fox farm O.F./H.F. 1 part each of soils/1 part vermiculite

Are there multiple plants in the pots?

Yes 3 plants in one pot 2 in the other. Have no room for all 5 just going to bloom earlier than normal. Going to put in 5 gal. pots before bloom but want to figure this out before Wasn’t planning on these starts, just happened. haha

That is probably your issue then. Roots will become bound and plants will choke each other out. If you can get them into separate pots they’d probably perk up. You will probably have lots of trouble separating the roots. Think of a giant ball of Christmas light strings, except the roots can break.


Thanks a lot for your response. Not what I was looking to hear but sadly I understand. Well there is no way that splitting them, no matter how rough on them, can’t be any worse. These look like they will die soon if I don’t do something. I’ll try to keep this E-mail let you know what happens. Wish me skills. haha

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Hey friend, you have some God daughters.

Top to bottom, At separation, Day 1 At separation, took some leaves off, Day 2 took some leaves off, Day 4 took off more leaves, Day 5 took off all leaves over 2". Should have done first thing knew better. Day 10 of separation, And next day after transplant on front row Right and left. Growing quite heathy thanks to you and Martha Stewert.

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Great job! I mean that is just awesome! Way to get them apart. Those stalk look really thick. Let them veg and fill back out for a few weeks and they could be some beasts! I’m thoroughly impressed at the recovery.

3 of them had about 8" good roots, 1 had 6" good roots 1 had 4 " good roots

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That’s good you got them apart before too much entanglement, or worse, they choked each other out. Good job growmie!

I just would not have thought, see gardeners putting many plants in one pot all the time go figure. When I have prob. always seem to go to fert. or flush. Thanks, again Friend. 5 God Daughters.

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High their God Father. Your God Daughters are doing very well, I think, day 25 after sep…

But I am still worried about purple leaf stems. I learned from Ed Rosenthal late 70s and present bibles. And other bibles things turning purple is lac of phosphorus Indoor grows. Think I need some help? I’m now using 1/8 tsp 20/20/20, 1/8 tsp 15/30/15, 1 tsp 0/10/10, 1/2 tsp calmag, 1/2 tsp slf. The three daughters all on that mix for 2/3 wks. The twins up front grey pots. got the last of Grow time Bergman Fert. they’ve just got above nutes for first time yesterday 04/25. but same prob. purple leaf stems. this just going to take more time to come out of that or am I worried about nothing. You stay well God Father.

I really can’t see anything to worry about. Purple stems aren’t too uncommon. Your leaves look healthy. They all look very healthy! Unless your leaves develop spots, or start clawing, I wouldn’t be too nervous. Some phenotypes will just throw out some different coloring. One gentlemen here grows white widow with blood red leaf stems. I grew a GDP that stayed with purple leaf stems the whole grow. You’re doing great.

I love them. Great to know. I have always tried to get that color out. hahaha The twins in grey pots found a good home. Donna and Bella. are going to bloom as soon as I can send the twins to their new home waiting for warmer nights, late here this year, first time growing out side. And put out my baby Belladonna on patio. The back 2 girls are close enough in size and shape, going to use 2 diff. nutes for blooming this doesn’t happen often and same mother, see what happens. Keep you up to date. The 3 I am keeping were all from same pot. Thanks Weed Freind.

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High Freind, God babies doing well. The Twins were sent to good place outdoors. Donna, Bella. They have become great for testing, Always same fert. until bloom using 2 diff. fert. mix still look and act the same. No diff., if I hadn’t tagged them would have no idea who is who. End wk 4 plus 3 days flow… Belladonna outside spreading out or will get too tall for fence looking good to me first time growing out side. was going to spray

with 3 in one. but when I was spreading saw ants spiders lady bug so hoping to have nature take care of plant better than I, for now.

Bella in hut. Donna at flushing station. Rite after flush both. Some leaves curling on both so thought I would flush. Been awhile. Any suggestions. Will send you pics. at harvest. Thanks again My friend.

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They are looking really good! I’m not sure if ants are good or bad. Mites are a definite problem. But lady bugs are friendly. I use Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Juice concentrate and mix it at about 1.5x strength. It’s safe to spray all the way til harvest and rinses away with a bud wash.

The leaf curling looks like it could be a little excess nitrogen. They don’t need a whole lot during flower.

Keeping an eye for bad bugs. Think ants, ladybugs eat spider mites and aphids, spiders eat big bugs. Don’t want to kill any good bugs if I don’t have too. Will use spray if have too not sure of name but 3 in 1. Will wait and see. Thanks so much again, Weed Friend.

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Hey friend, Fyi. You said you didn’t know if ants were helpful. Went and looked. Good for soil aerates, helps soil in general. But they farm aphids. They raise them, Crazy. Did not spend time on why. So that settles that. Will spray at first sight. Stay well.

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Nice save on those plants.
Just wanted to confirm what @Borderryan22 told you about the purple stems. That idea about it being a deficiency issue just wont die. Purple stems on cannabis are very common. No need to worry.
And while ants do farm aphids they dont always. Plus they have to have aphids before they can farm them. I would just watch closely for now.

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