Calling all leaf doctors

Ok. Heres the low down

5 clones. 5 seeds. All in ffof mixed with perlite. 5 gallon cloth bags.

Clones fed advanced nutrients.

Seeds. Bergmans best

Led lights. Kind 330w in 3 x3. 2 mars tsw2000 300 watt and 2 blurples in 8 x4

Ph always in at 6.2 to 6.7 (advanced nutruents changes ph itself ) runoff always same range. Ppm is fed at 800 ppm … which is fiktered water. Little cal mag and nutrients. I add mollassus e ery 2. Or 3 waterings amd some tricoderma and myco added.

I dont know what this is. Bottom leaves mostly here and there. Id get 1 or 2. Pick em. Etc. Now getting few more. Not alot. But enough to where i know something still happeneong be ause i picked the others.

I add cal mag every other watering also.

Seeing as my ppm is 800 going in. And coming out sometimes at 1000 1100 i would water until 500. 600 than nute again. Now im seeing give nutes if under 1000 ppm from alot of people who post. Does she need anything ? Am i giving to much ?

Do i need to up anything as its a scrogged plant and had slot if budding going on ? Any help appreciated and can answer any tging i forgot to add right away


You have her on a feed/starve schedule. I wouldn’t let your nutrient level drop below 1000ppm. Especially in flower.


Please elaborate a little for me.

Following the schedule on an. And bergmans the ppm going in is 800. Or 700 of i do might cal mag. Just the nutes n water is 600ppm.

How do i always have over 1000 ppm runoff. If my in isn’t that high. And im supposed to alternate nutes and water

And the by that un derstanding the leafs are deficiences ? Just tryi g to wrap my head around this without giving to many nutes and hurting her

what are your watering practices? Typically when the tips of the serations on the leaves turns yellow or brownish, it is too frequent waterings and not letting her dry out well before the next watering.

Beggining 2 weeks i watered to much. But since than its wet dry cycles. Pits are legit light light like empty. Than i water half a gallon. To 3. Quarters gallon straigh water and than gallon nutes. Or ill do gaklon n half of straight water with cal mag n mollassus when i alternate water than nutes


Do you let your water sit for at least 24 hours with the lid off before giving it to your plants? Water could be too hot.

I have filtered water from the tap

Removes chlorine bacteria rust sediment etc up to .5 microns. Few time i didnt let it sit but mostly even with this filter i do let it sit a day before i feed

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Could be a salt build up. Can also be the water hitting spots that were dried up and had nutes in it.

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No. Im saying if i should always feed and keep above 1000 ppm. How If your supposed to
Give nutes and than give a water than nutes etc ? If i give 800 in. And than give a watering ( i slowly water them. Pouring little bit let it abosrb first than slowly pour faster and ro 20 percent runoff ) how would i keep it above 1000 ppm on runoff if i fillow the direction they give ? I just dont get how thats possible mathematically

Git a few more of these. Dry patches super crispy on some. Lower big fan leaves. And than that slight yellow leaf on top of plant

I just made my advanced nutrient solution. Week 5. 16 ml of micro. Gro n bloom. Plus 8 ml of big bud. B52. Budcandy. And nirvanna. Plus cal mag plus. 5 ml. And ppm of water was 150 ppm. Checkd in at 770 ppm after all of that included in it.

Is this phosphor deficiency? In week 5 of flower going on 6.

Or possible potassium ?

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Hello I’m going to butt in here did you say your in fox farm ocean forest soil and already giving nutes to your clones id say nute burn .I use fox farm ph balance Happy Frog and I don’t add nutes till a couple of weeks before I flip to flower .I’ve heard that ocean forest is even hotter than Happy Frog so maybe you’re feeling too soon .I use fox farm liquid trio ,boomerang and powder trio tiger bloom .Are you using sledgehammer flush that’s on the ffarm feeding schedule if so you just mix it and pour it in and no other water is needed to flush just follow instructions on sledgehammer flush. You may be giving them way too much water .Also be sure you let your plants dry out before watering again. Stick your finger into soil couple of inches when you take finger out and there’s moisture then don’t water .you can tag me at Amazon66 ,I’m not sure I answered all your questions. I’ll tag you in to my last journal which is alittle old but as soon as I get rid of some allergies I’m starting a new one. :sunflower::sunflower: Good luck

Yea im in ffof. but im in 5th week of flower not beggining of clone.

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I must have read something wrong, I’ve been on cold meds
:crazy_face::crazy_face: are they doing okay

Was anyone able to help with your leaves

@kaptain3d or @Bulldognuts can either of you help Jestertz with his leaves. Thank you much .:partying_face::partying_face::man_cartwheeling::woman_cartwheeling::man_cartwheeling::woman_cartwheeling:

No problem and ty. And no. No answers yet. I used grow kush ap and says phosphor and potassoum deficiency. Looks like it on pics but they all look so similar

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