Beneficial bacteria and fungi

Has anybody used this product before?
It is a mix of 15 beneficial fungi and 19 beneficial bacteria plus 2 species of trichoderma and plant vitamins and glycine.
It stimulates root growth as well as helping nutrient and water uptake.
I have been using it and have seen some fast plant growth as a result.

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Haven’t tried it but I used mykos and azos for transplanting and plants seem to be doing really good healthy growth. @Niala @garrigan62 they maybe able to weigh in more.

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I never use the product but can tell you this:

Great White contains too much Mycorrhizae fungi species…

For cannabis, you only need the arbuscular ones in the endomycorrhizae family… The ectomycorrhizal ones will not colonize your cannabis root system… The ecto’s only make surface boundary and exchange with around 2% of the plant kingdom and Cannabicea is not one of them… The ecto’s , if unused by the plants can be a source of food for pests and\or bad fungi…

So, you’ll be better with Orca from the same company that make Great White, Plant-Success, that contains only endomycorrhizae, arbuscular ones…

In hope that’s responding to your questioning, @FrostyBuds… And by the way, only Amazon’s and Dealzer’s links are allowed on this forum and eBay isn’t, so, could you please delete the eBay link and replace it by an Amazon one…

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Thanks for the tag, @Smokin_ernie


No problem. Thank you for the info.

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If you want it in powder form, go with Mykos from Xtreme Gardening…


Powder form is more stable. The great white has the most beneficial bacteria/fungi. All microbes serve a purpose to either colonize the roots or to break down nutrients to make more available/soluble for roots to absorb.