DynoMyco an incoulant

has anyone used this incoulant ? this is different thatn Great White, Orcxa, ect Dyno grows gaint root balls thoughts

I haven’t used it or heard of it but looking at it from my experience and readings from university studies the dry stuff just doesn’t seem to work as good as bottled bacteria.

My favorite is fishsh!t by fishead farms

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I’ve had a sample of the Dynomyco and tried it verses without it.
It definitely helps with root growth.
Mighty plant has a myco additive that works well.
Using it this grow and it’s certainly helped with the transplants.

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thanksa Have a 10% off code if you want it - order from company

same gere just goubnd it by accident on a grow forum - been using great whiye, orca, king crab , azros myco,ect thought I had it covered But NO ---- DynoMyco it an incoluant way different that what I have been using, say it increase yields/plants by 35-45% with dyno you inoculate (mix with soil) your soil you want to make mycorrhizedl fungi no trichodema (great whoite, ect)(can use them 2 week after)

Great white and orca are junk yeah.

Tribus, voodoo and fishshit are by far the best and their all liquid.

I’m glad it’s working for you but try some of the ones I mentioned and you’ll find they are better.

My roots grow right through my pots and on the bottom they even have a second layer of a crabon fabric for a root gaurd as I bottom feed. It grows through both the pot and the root gaurd sock

Here is at the end of the grow


“Fish Shit” is great stuff use it for flushing the last one/two weeks before harvest Voodo is a “advanced Nutrient” product ? Nice pot set-up

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It is an AN product correct. But I think fishshit is the best.

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Would using Fish!t & Tribus (original) be over kill?

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You’re roots make me jealous. It felt a little off to say… but the truth is what it is. :joy:


Good question o don’t know lol! I know it would be expensive! @AL_GREEN

@Underthestairs I’ll take the compliment! Thank you honestly it was random luck. I went in for voodoo and the owner of my hydro store actually knows the owner of fishshit so he said here try this and if you don’t like it the voodoo will be on the house next time.

Since then I haven’t even looked for voodoo juice lol


When you first posted that in the autopots I went and grabbed a bottle the next day :joy:


How you liking it?

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My plants are more thirsty and equally more frosty this go around. I don’t foresee making a run that won’t include it.

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“Fish Shit” has been around now for about3 years. - I became a “dealer of” in my area. I use it during the last two weeks of the flush

@steve2 Is that the only time you use it?

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not sure but you mix it in you own mix - don’t know rates of - have some coming hope I get It soon - then I will let you know (ocean blend and happy frog what I use)

@steve2 Oh OK Im using it now for the first time...From what Ive heard from others it does wonders? We shall see…But don’t do what I did like a dumb ass… :nauseated_face:…I guess I forgot chemistry 101…and instead of doing the “fanning to nose thing” to smell it .I stuck my schnoz over the bottle and took a whiff…Boy what a mistake LOL…! It almost knocked me out! Fish city baby!!! Smelled like a two dollar ho house @ low tide… :rofl: