Products of beneficial bacteria and Trichoderma

G’day , can anyone help me . When is it best to use these kinds of products . i bought this product called Great White ( Premium Mycorrhizac )

. Thank you in advance for your input

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I use a liberal amount during each transplant, then add it on watering days (non nutrient feeding days) about once every two weeks thereafter, following the directions on the label.


If in hydro then every time you use nutes.
If in soil then once a month.
Add a teaspoon per 6 liters of water of molasses to feed the microbes.

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FrostyBuds , yep have already got my molasses . I learned that from my grandfather . He used it in the veg garden at home when I was growing up . Thanks for your tip to . I’ll be going soil .

Is it possible to over use or use to much of these types of products ?

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Not really. I wouldn’t be dumping the whole container into a five gallon bucket for a single watering, but if you follow the directions you should be fine. Once the microbes are established, you can just add it to your watering schedule once every 2-4 weeks. I add it in with Cal/Mag on a watering day. It helps to keep the numbers flourishing in the microbe colony. I also use Fox Farm Bembe to help feed them.

All of my plants have nice, healthy roots. I haven’t used other brands of trichoderma/mycorrhizae, or tried growing without using Great White, so I really have no control for my results. Lots of people use this stuff, they swear by it, and many of them have great results.

Thank you for your information @Jza444 .

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Happy anniversary @Kan72

I use a similar product

The instructions I think say to mix 4 table spoons, I think 4…, with 5gallon pot of soil so I do that and mix it up. The instructions also have transplant instructions to place 2 teaspoons worth at the base before tossing the plant in so I do that as well when I put my jiffy puck seedlings into their 5 gallon pucks (autos)

You can water with it but it’s meant to be under and around the roots, I tried soaking it then watering it on my first grow and the particles just sort of floated around the top of the soil.

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Use whenever you’re transplanting. Use whenever you’re changing nutrients from grow to bloom. Use whenever you’re really pushing your plants hard with nutes/light/etc, as it will help them recover faster.

When mixing my grow medium, I also add powdered microbes directly to it.

I use AN’s liquid Root Trio line, as well as Real Grower’s Recharge.