Beginning germination

I have read and reread up on germination. I plan on keeping a journal of my grow.
I am placing 2 of my seeds in room temperature water in a shot glass for 24 hours. If they don’t sink on their own, I’ll tap them. This will be the easy part.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Should I place the soaking seeds in a dark cool room or does it matter?
Seeds received in 8 days and stellar package !

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to germinate you do not need light, so i would use jiffy pellets, then put them under lights when they sprout up, but keep them in a dark warm place for a week or 2 maybe in a humidity dome or a big siplock bag.

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I put the seeds in a shot glass with a small splash of Hydrogen peroxide, then covered that with a large coffee cup. after 24 hours, used two small saucers with paper towel. pour the water from the shot glass into the center of one saucer with paper towel on it. Then the papertowel will wick the water. Place the seeds on the rim of the saucer out of the puddle of water in the middle. Cover it with the other same sized saucer. (Make sure paper towel isn’t too far outside of the edge so it doesn’t dry out.
I put the whole mess on a $15 heating pad from Amazon.
Works like a charm every time.

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you can also put the soaked seeds in a wet paper towel then into a ziplock bag and then put it on your cable box for a day. tap root comes right out

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I have done everything from soaking overnight to jiffy pots to straight to the dirt and have had 100% germination
Just do not overthink it following Roberts suggestion on germination you cannot go wrong
Happy growing and welcome to the community

I’m with @Growit. Don’t overthink. Soakem’ get a tap root and plant em. Not rocket science. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Dont let them dry out or soak so long they rot in the water.


Need info on my soil. I am using something called " organic seed starter" premium potting mix by Espoma. enhanced with myco-tone. Has anyone ever used this? Would someone be able to look it up for me and see if it has what is needed for germination and when I should start to add nutes? Thank you @Growit for your help

Looks like it is decent dirt looked it up and seems to have enough in it fir your seedlings but you will need to transplant into some sort of potting soil

You do not need nutes till the lil round feeder leaves start dying and even then it greatly depends on what sort of soil you transplant to

I have fox farm happy frog. Will that work? can I use the super soil with the happy frog as suggested by ilgm ?

Yup and yup

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I used happy frog for a base in my supersoil mix and as my topsoil on my first grow
It is good stuff

I switched to roots organics
Just a preference for me
I have used happy frog , ocean forest , and roots
I prefer roots now and will be using roots from now on

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I used kellogg organic raised bed soil for my base soil this year but just does not drain as well as the roots
You can’t go wrong with that happy lil frog though

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I am in a super soil build now and this is what some of them look like
No nutes just what is in the dirt
Just some wormcasting tea here and there during veg but since then just pHed water