Beginner trying to get by

This is only option until I can start my own. Please can someone explain to me WTH this is??? So many seeds and just so dry! (Understatement). I want too do Auto flowering, but know need help with how to plant by schedule so I am good year round! Thank you!!

I’m a little confused here. Did you grow this and it has seeds and you want to know why it has seeds. Also the question about how to plant to schedule, are asking about having a perpetual grow. You mentioned that it is so dry, are you talking about some weed you grew yourself.


Nooo I did not grow this!! I’m from a State that is not legal yet. I just discovered a few months back how much it helps with my depression. I have no idea where to get it from inn my area, most are selling more than the just flower! I got this from old man that’s done it for years and obviously not correctly!
I do not have no clue where to start. I just ordered seeds, Autoflowering. I just don’t want mine to look like that.
Please point out every thing wrong with this batch.
Thank you

OK, you want to start growing for yourself right. You’ve ordered autoflower seeds. Let’s not worry about what’s wrong with the weed that you got from the old man. You need to decide how you want to grow. I’m assuming you will be doing indoors being in a illegal state. Do you have a budget that you can use to buy equipment to get started.


Yes just ordered. I have a 10X14 that I can keep temp controlled with no windows. I am starting with auto flower. I have time to give any type time. But assumed it would just be a lot easier as a beginner. Is personal use only & I want to do whatever I need to do to get them to the healthiest best plants. Not too big of a budget right at this moment, somewhere around the 200 mark. I am trying to find out how to do all this and schedule it just right to where I can keep it year-round. In the pictures I was just worried about mold or mildew or something like that, or if it was dangerous!
I want to thank you so much for offering help. This flower has helped me more than anything, so much that when I finish nursing I’m going to go on to specialize in it.

I’d take a hard pass on smoking that, something just don’t look right . :nauseated_face: