Beginner outdoor grow

Hi folks,

Got two Frisan Dew fems in a guerilla grow. Seem to be handling conditions ok but I’m fearful pests, particularly slugs, will continue to chomp away at them. My GSC was eaten and looked similar to these last week.

I’ve applied 100% neem oil mixed with a tiny amount of washing up liquid and water but it seems it hasn’t really kept the pests off.

I’ve taken the odd mostly eaten leaves off. Will this affect yield if they survive until then? Anyone recommend pesticide that’s ideal for guerilla grows? Attending to the plants roughly once or twice a week.

Happy growing :v:

They look healthy. I’m not sure Where you were located but if you are in North America you will see flowering starting pretty soon. They don’t have a lot of time to get much bigger than they already are so you will wind up with plants on the smaller side but you’ll still get something.

I don’t know that neem oil will do much for slugs. That’s typically something you would use to combat Insects. Since you are growing in containers a good solution to keep out slugs is copper tape. You can get that from most garden supply stores, it’s a copper metal on one side and adhesive on the other side and you would basically just run it around the rim of your pot and possibly another strip around the base. When slugs touch it they get a electric shock for some reason and they won’t cross the barrier.

Other things you can do for slugs are to make a beer trap or try doing a ring of salt around the outside of the container. I would not recommend putting a ring of salt on top of your soil as it will just wash in and that would suck.


Hi @Deez this is great, could I use copper tape on top of the soil too?
I’m growing in the UK. It’s mainly wet with temps around 21 C / 69 F this time of the year. I think I still have around mid October and a bit of time left for them to pack on some size.

Growing in the UK isn’t all that different than where I am in North America. Your plants are only going to grow vegetatively for another three or so weeks at the most at this point in the summer. After that they are going to start flowering. Basically you have three weeks, maybe a little bit less depending on your latitude for these plants to grow bigger and then they’re going to start flowering because of the change in daylight. Once they flower they will stretch a bit but you are correct in thinking that the buds will continue to grow and pack on size until mid to late October when they should finish up.

I’ve never been to the UK but it’s on my shortlist of places to visit as soon as travel is more possible – my impression from watching a lot of British TV shows is that it rains a lot so keep your eyes peeled when it’s rainy and you’re getting down into the 50s Fahrenheit because that’s when rot and hold start to set in on the buds

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@Deez @lulu2020 check this!

This sounds wierd but try it…

Take small dixi cups. Place them around your plants in the soil. You want the top of the cup level with the soil. Fill it with beer. Yes beer. Lol.
Wait a week and let me how you slug problem is. :wink:
Happy growing…


When you get a slug dump the beer and replace it.

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Deez mentioned it above. Is a great trick though. Used to use beer to get them off my porch. Also use beer with de around the can top for gnats. Something sweat like reds wicked or twisted tea. They can’t resist it. Then they land in DE. Seems cruel almost.


I see, thanks @Deez these sprouted at the end of June so not as much time to grow as I’d have liked. You’re quite right about our weather here. Usually one extreme or another, sometimes both in the same day ha!

Thanks @anon86641082 I’ve seen online that they take a likening to ales and Guinness. Will any type of beer do?

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Yep. Any type will work.