Beginner needing insight

So this is my second plant. It is a Blueberry auto that I got from, well, ILGM. I would like to get an overall opinion of how it looks. I know it is not pretty, but it is a lot better than the first. My first plant started to decay because of ph imbalance and I harvested way too early. It was bad. I let the first one grow naturally, but attempted some LST with this one. I didn’t top, but I did defoliate. I read a few of the forum posts here and realize that it may have not been the best choice. During preflower I fought back a deficiency that I (with the help of Reddit) identified as a calcium or manganese/magnesium deficiency. I was able to get this to stable out a week or so after flower started. Now I am really close to harvest. I am in day 42 of flower and day 87 since germination. I have what appears to be nutrient burn, potentially nitrogen overdose. The top leaves of the bud are turning brown and the leaves started curling up. I flushed the soil on Sunday, 1/10. It now has lost its bud smell and smells like hay. Have I waited too long to harvest? Is there anything I can do to recover and can you smoke bud with nutrient burn? If not, can you trim the bad parts off?




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They look good to me. They also look to be about finished but I would definitely wait for others to chime in.

@Covertgrower @PurpNGold74 can probably tell you more than I can. Have you checked the trics lately?


Welcome to the forum. Great looking buds you go there. Bravo, bravo!


Thank you! And I have not checked them yet. It is late here, so I will probably do that tomorrow.

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Thank you!

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She looks pretty good. You do have a little nute burn and possibly a slight nitrogen toxicity. The buds themselves look like you’re definitely close. An excess in nitrogen can make stems and stalks weak and I’ve been told that it can force a plant to finish sooner than desired. Not 100% sure on the last part tho. If covertgrower and purpNgold chime in, they have much more experience and will be able to give you a more sound answer.


Thanks for the tags everyone. Yup it did look like a bit of N burn. And maybe eps a nudge too high.

Those ugly leaves wont recover. But ur very near the end. Try not to leave dead leaves inside of buds. They begin to rot. U can trim and pull all those off now.

Also your very close to harvest. Since u flushed, have u fed again? Day 42 of flower is like 6 weeks? Maybe 3 more… id hit her with a good PK booster shot and try to coax her past the finish line


I don’t think you’re too late at all. Still some white hairs and the orange ones largely haven’t receded. I do find that my plants stink like holy hell and then close to finish the smell fades a bit, not to a hay smell, but definitely less pronounced. Right after chop they stink again, then fade during the dry, then stink during trim and cure gets a bit stronger. I would hang in there and give em some food like @PurpNGold74 suggested. I would go light on that feed but to each their own.


You see white hairs still? I think that girl is ready to be plucked. @Purpdeedurp Have a magnifying glass to check out the trichomes? I bet they’re very milky if not turning amber.

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Yup i think he has a good sweel still coming up. Pistils have flipd to amber, but calyx are barely swollen.

Definitely would prefer hit her with a booster shot, then harvest immaturely. But a trich check cannot hurt. Like he said, get you a magnifying loupe (invaluable tool in a growers arsenal) and check those trichs. Only the ones on buds. Sugar leaves mature faster and will give you a false signal


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I do. I also see lots or orange hairs that will recede into the calyxes as they swell. Also a little blurry but I think I’m seeing a good bit of white in the lower buds. Trichs rule but that’s what I’m seeing.

I don’t think it’s far off or anything just addressing ops concern of it being too late.

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Wow! Thanks for everyone’s response. This all very encouraging news. I have a few questions for @PurpNGold74

What is EPS?
What is a good PK booster you can recommend?

I have yet to find a nursery to carry consistently good nutrients. There is one close by with a fox farm thing going on, so they are usually well stocked with the soils and the trio, but not so much things like the cal mag solution.

I should be able to find a good glass locally to view the trichs with. If all else fails, I have the s20 and can get a very good picture.

Otherwise, it has had no feeding since the flush- I was under the impression that after the flush, its just two weeks of water, trying to kill off as much chlorophyll as possible to prevent the hay smell and rough smoke.

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EPS? Where did you get that?

PK boosters are plentiful. Just depends on ur brand of nutes/style of growing. Im an emulsion dude. Can find 0-10-10 (flowering NPK with 0 N, 10 P, and 10 K) at any home depot. :laughing::laughing:

Fox Farms has quite a few diff ones. Namely MOAB and i believe Tiger Bloom. Most brands make their own bloom supplement so just gotta hit the ground scouring.

U said they have the soils and a few bottles. Im pretty sure theyd have CaliMagic (calmag) somewhere. What state u in if u dont mind me asking.

The loupe’s are like 8-15$ on amazon. Get you a good one, there are a ton of pieces of crap out there. Too small, or not focused enough. S10? Guessing thats a camera. How strong is the zoom?

The flush is to force the plant to consume excess Nitrogen from her leaves. N is the hay taste u get from nonflushed plants. The chlorophyll breaks down during the dry/cure.

That last two weeks u are correct in wanting minimal feeding, but since u recently flushed, she’s probably starving and this is an essential bud building stage in q plants life. She NEEDS P and K and alot of it

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Everyone covered here, and I was behind on tags for a bit.
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My ph is around 6.7
Growing indoor
Ventilation i have a fan going in the closet at all time and isn’t sealed up
Not able to change temp so stays around 68-72
Humidity around 45%
Have CO2
5 28w led grow bulbs

The buds on my plant aren’t seeming to plump up and im around 12 weeks in.
Last plant I had only produced four grams and the buds were super thin

Where am I going wrong

This is how they have looked for a couple weeks now
Its amnesia haze auotoflower