Before harvest

Is it best to turn your lights off for about 2 days before you harvest or just take them down when they are ready.

I have heard of some people doing this, I’m not sure if it is of any benefit. Most people take them down at first light, right after the regular 12 hours of darkness and some even right before the light goes on using the ‘special green lights only’ that won’t disrupt the dark period. The idea is similar to flushing and attempting to get or keep as much chlorophyll out of the plant as possible, as well as other nutrients and maybe quicker drying as the plant will be a little droopy and not contain as much moisture as everything kind of goes down to the roots during the dark period and the fact that THC can be degraded by light. I doubt it that in the greater scheme of things that it really makes that much difference, I think first thing, at first light, so you can see outdoors is good enough for outdoors and indoors right before or right when the lights come on is good enough after only about the normal 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness.

Thanks MacGyver that helps.

I have never used a dark period before transition or harvest. When they are ready; Harvest. :slight_smile:

I never could find that magical place on the planet where the Sun takes 48 hours off, LOL

I agree, cause I have some super silver haze that is coming down today. Thanks.