Lights out before harvest?

I read it is best to cut lights for ~12hrs before harvest. Is this true or needed?

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That is how i do it

meant to ask why as well. just curious

Just harvest when lights come on.

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yea. was going to try to do it this afternoon - why i asked. i will get it in the morning.

Its just grow bro science there has never been anything backing up this claim that 24hr of darkness before harvest does anything


I usually do a 36 hours dark period. There is not widespread agreement on the effectiveness of this. The theory is that some of the terpenes and canibaloids are produced during the night. I just like the rest before trim jail


and it depends on which bro you ask lol. but i get it. everyone has their thing.

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Doesn’t hurt anything at all but not really anything to support it helping anything either .


Plants take 2-3 months to reach optimal maturity. Nothing you do in 24-48 hours will make a noticeable difference….


:point_up: what they said

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Makes no difference.

I’ve always heard to harvest right before lights on in the morning. Due to cannabis manufacturing chlorophyll during the day light period. During nighttime darkness respiration continues for cannabis as it will process carbohydrates it builds up during the daylight period in its leaves and roots to repair and build on flowering parts.

From Google, And I quote,…

The quality of buds depends on the percentage of THC and other cannabinoids, and growers go to great lengths to increase their levels. This also goes for the aromatic substances called terpenes. One of the popular ways to danker buds is the extended dark period before harvest. It can range from 24 hours to 1 week or even more. And don’t think that the usefulness of darkness before harvest is a myth. It’s not like there’s only some weak anecdotal evidence to support it. There are actually some compelling theories explaining why it happens.


Have no personal experience at this time. Have read there is no science that backs the theory up.

I do believe that if it makes you feel better or adds confidence to your finished product, thats all that matters.

I use garlic spray on my jigs when fishing, no science to back it up that it makes a fish hold it longer in their mouths, but i believe i catch more fish using it than when not. Confidence is amazing.


Imo. Depends on your temp, terpenes are said to evaporate above low 70s. There is a study on this i have read with test at no lights out, and 12 dark, 24, 48 hrs. I believe the 24 hr if memory serves had the highest terpene/thc, it is minimal but there.

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I just like to killem when they are asleep!!! Dont want them awake!! :rofl: :rofl: