Battle bugs kills mites anyone try them?

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Just wanna know I they work because I’m the summer I’m gonna be busy I want something on hand or any other predator bugs u know of

a guy i know uses lady bugs for his grow room for mites. i think he got them at a med marijuana store here in the states, but he might have gotten them from net.

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I use horticulture spray just use the proper dilluation formula and product recommendation and everything will be fine…i had a mite infestation half way threw flower and after usuing this for 2 weeks problem solved and olants back to normal. .thanks hooe this somewhat helps

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I know @Ladithief just started using that on the lab side. I don’t know if he checks his tags on this side anymore.


Ladi replied to my message via email and he asked me to post this for you guys. I hope it helps :wink:

“Myself and buddy have both used Stethorus puncilliumand (50) and Phytoseiullis (1000) for spider mites… bugs work awesome but in Canada are not cheap. It cost $140 for a single treatment… sometimes 2 are required… I think my one got them all as it was over kill.”



Yea 6bucks for the product 25 for shipping crazy I found grubs for cheaper but my house is upstairs apartment so summer is really hot don’t want to make a breeding nest for mites

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I’ve only had them a couple times but I gave a friend some clones and he said they had mites I looked everywhere but I didn’t find them

spider mites are microscopic. from what i understand, u can tell if you have them by seeing their leavings which are like a spiders web on the underside of leaves. but by the time you can see their leavings you got a bunch of em. other than microscopic the other stuff i wrote is mostly supposition. @Lostscuba

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I spray my plants with soap and water all the time but have to mNy to keep up

u need to get a handle on them bud, my contact swears by his lady bugs but he does not want to put chemicals on his plants to stop them which is why he went with his lady bugs. from what i understand, the chemical treatment for them works and can be used safely up until late in flowering when you face a short time to get rid of the chemicals. @Lostscuba hopefully you will get some more input from folks on here about what to do.

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also there is something about killing the mites and having their babies killed too which is something like 6 to 14 days for their gestation. again… this is guesswork from an old guys brain and is not totally factual(was going to say might not be, but fact is facts, i’m kinda guessing here lol).

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I don’t have them yet I think it was on a couple clones because I take every plant out check them water and if I have to spray with soap and water and slowly pull up to wash the underneath the leaves I’m watching and waiting :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Lostscuba i am thinking about getting some lady bugs to put in my tent for preventative maintenance, just like i am smoking pot as preventative maintenance for glaucoma LOL.

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Yea I heard they do good but it’s expensive.