Bat Guano

At what point should I add.?

As in a soil amendment or a compost tea mix? It depends. If it’s high in nitrogen it can be used in veg, if it’s high in phosphorous it can be used in flower. And especially with the high nitrogen type, not before about 4 weeks, unless it is very dilute.

Here is article to consider:

There is a great soil amendment called Rainbow mix. They make a green and a red formula for veg, bloom respectively. It contains guano, and other organic amendments. Being pre-mixed takes the guess work way from you, and you can grow with confidence.

Not very expensive; Contains all the extra additives you need to grow some really nice tasteful plants.

Hope this helps.

Thanx you guys are great.I will say my WW seeds are A true pleasure to work with I thought that the summer here in would be to hot but they are doing just fine the only concern I have had so far is that they all are growing at different rates and all have been treated the exact same.However I am blessed to have healthy girls and such great teachers thanks you guys you rock!!!.