Guerilla growing marijuana

An inquiry from a fellow grower:

So here’s what I want to do. I have a spot in the woods that is open but does have a lot of green (mainly nettle, which tells me there is a lot of nitrogen in the soil) I think I can put around 50 plants there each 3 foot apart.

I want to start at the beginning of march with autoflowers, then in April start growing some feminized seeds in pots on the side for when the auto’s are done.

My question, should I go before hand and lay some chicken fertilizer pellets around? Also do I need to feed the plants during the last stages to get the most out of the plant or is this unnecessary.

The spot is very secure, it took me an our of trekking through densely grown trees and bush to get there.

It sounds like a great location and a good plan. I don’t know about the chicken fertilizer pellets, maybe. They’ll add a lot of nitrogen but your plants will need a lot more than just nitrogen, and they’ll need less nitrogen and more phosphorous and potassium during flower. You may want to add these other nutrients as well with other types of additives than just chicken guano pellets. I don’t make my own mixes, but from what i understand, certain types of bat guano have high phosphorous and potassium, you might want to look into those if you really are into the guano thing or more of a natural thing. But you can use all sorts of things, even miracle grow plant foods if used at the right mixture.

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